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Prepare a Mac Address Book App After New Year Gatherings

Here comes 2016! People all around the world begin to celebrate the approach of New Year. And, of course, all kinds of gatherings’ invitations come. You may put on your best clothes and head out with family members, friends, co-workers, etc. You enjoy delicious meal and a few glasses of champagne together or share your happiness and sufferings in the last year, and also, you may exchange your latest contacts info, especially when you haven't gathered for a long time. For Mac users, preparing a Mac address book app can surely save a lot of time to efficiently manage these contacts details at these times.

Contacts, once known as Address Book prior to the release of Mountain Lion, is a computerized address book with various synchronizing capabilities. It’s very simple, but has all the features you’ll ever need. For example, it can collaborate with other applications. When you add a new contact, you'll be able to input basic information like a name and company. If you want, you can even designate a card as that of a company, and forego a traditional name in lieu of a corporate one. However, in order to efficiently bulk manage the contacts, you’re recommended to make use of some other contact manager for Mac together with the built-in Contacts.

1.Edit and Enrich the Contacts

During the gatherings, you may find some of your friends moved to a new address or changed a new job, you need then edit and enrich a lot of information in order to complete the Contacts. If you plan to use the built-in Contacts, you’ll have to edit them one by one. That’s to say, you’ll have to open a person’s info, edit and then close it in order to open another one’s info. Really troublesome, isn’t it? In fact, you can make use of address book software, Cisdem ContactsMate, which can be used to edit multiple contacts in the same interface after you’ve exporting all your contacts to the program.

Cisdem ContactsMate by default shows first names, last names, home email and mobile numbers of your Contacts, however if you want it list in your way, you are always free to choose from a variety of categories to show including Phone, Address, Department, URL, Note, Company, Suffix, Job Title, Email, Birthday and many sub categories to get all the details of your Contacts. It is pretty easy for users to make edits to the Contacts fields.

2. Sync Contacts from Different Mac Supported Devices

Instead of taking a Mac, we may bring an iPhone or an iPad to the parties. So, how to get the contacts from different Mac supported devices synced to Mac? Actually, the Contacts app can offer a lot of options for syncing with Apple services. Since we have already talked about the topic on how to transfer Contacts from iPhone to Mac, here we introduce how to sync Contacts from iPad to Mac.

Step 1. Launch iTunes on Mac and click the "Help" menu. Select "Check for Updates" and restart your iTunes after the update.

Step 2. Connect your iPad to your Mac with USB. Find your iPad from the “Devices” list in iTunes.

Step 3. Click the "Info" tab in the main iTunes window and check ”Sync Contacts With” > "Sync Address Book Contacts" > "Apply".

3. Search for Questionable Contacts

Have you ever met such a situation: you store a person’s info for twice and you even can’t judge which one is the right one when in need? Therefore, my friends, after you back from the gatherings, you’d better spend some time tidying up the Contacts. In Cisdem ContactsMate, you can go to “Preference” by clicking on “Cisdem ContactsMate”and check on the boxes of “Conflicts”.

By using the smart filers in Cisdem ContactsMate, users are enabled to tidy up Contacts in 13 different conditions, including Duplicate contacts, Incomplete name, Invalid characters, Duplicate address, Duplicate phone number, Duplicate email address , Note with spacing only, Unusual title, Unusual suffix, Emails Duplicated among Multiple Contacts, etc. After the scanning process, the program will give you suggested solutions to the questionable contacts. For example, you’ll be suggested to merge or delete duplicate Contacts, as shown in the screenshot below. And this contact managment app can also be used to sync contacts from Mac to iPhone.

Download the Trial Version of Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac!

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