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Mac Address Book Alternative to Efficiently Manage Contacts

Why I talk about Mac Address Book alternative here? Seriously, I’ve never regarded Apple’s Address Book (also known as Contacts) as an user-friendly app. It’s difficult to describe why. It’s ok to do most daily work, while it also depresses me from time to time.

Apple has actually made some improvements on Contacts last year. For example, Apple announced that iCloud now has a limit of 50,000 contacts, double the previous limit of 25,000 contacts. That’s to say, iPhone, iPad and Mac users can now store up to 50,000 contacts between their iCloud-enabled devices. Accordingly, the storage of Contacts app increased.

Endless Complains from Users...

In spite of some limited improvements, it seems that more flexibility and functionality is needed, for the complains about Contacts never stop.

“I’m disappointed in the super small and faded fonts in this app and many other places on the OS X system. I have a HUGE monitor. I should never have to squint or put on reading glasses. I want to be in charge of size and font selection.”


“I have a lot of duplicates in my contacts, but I can’t find an easy way to delete them from the built-in Contacts app.”


“What would be really nice is if Apple actually made an all-in-one app combining calendar, mail, and contacts. Why they do not do this I do not know. It's like they want to give the impression that they are hostile to business.”

Any Alternative to Address Book to Solve All Problems?

Well, the answer is “No”. At least, we can’t find an all-in-one app combining calendar, mail and contacts in the market by now. However, we do have some comprehensive tools to work as the Address Book alternative on Mac. Here I recommend three excellent applications that are breaking the barriers of the traditional contact managing system on Mac.

Cisdem ContactsMate 

Cisdem ContactsMate is a professional and multifunctional Contacts manager tool especially-designed for Macs.


·Analyze dozens of problems in OS X Contacts in batch, including Duplicate Contacts, Incomplete Name, Invalid Characters, Duplicate Address, Duplicate Phone Number, Duplicate Email Address, Note with Spacing Only, Unusual Title, Emails Duplicated among Multiple Contacts, etc.

·Provide suggested solutions to problematic contacts info, say, merge/remove duplicate contacts, etc.

·Export Mac contacts to CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages format for easy Contacts back up or sync.

·Add properties to Contacts, including contact address, email address, phone number, etc.


When you sync the contacts with other Apple devices, you need to export the contacts to supported formats and then import them to the targeted devices. For example, you can refer to “How to Sync Contacts from Mac to iPhone Easily”. However, considering that it is fully compatible with the built-in Contacts app and utilizes the Mac OS X built-in contact database, it’s not a big problem! You can actually still sync with iCloud and any other service OS X Contacts supports (e.g. Google Contacts). Besides, this application can only be used for Mac in OS X 10.7 or later versions.

Bottom Line:

In the case that you want to efficiently manage Mac Address Book, it is definitely an ideal alternative. In all, it’s comprehensive enough to combine so many functions, say, backup Contacts, edit the Contacts fields, find, and fix the little problems that matters.


Though Cobook is a relatively new app, Cobook has won very good reviews among users. It has many outstanding features as follows.


·Can be configured to access Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, AngelList, LinkedIn, etc. Each person’s social activity is all there, in little tabs below their contact card. Everything your buddy or business contact has been posting in each place is easy to read in a tap or two.

·Syncs with Mac's standard Contacts app.

·Syncs with Google Contacts (Gmail).

·Organize contacts with tags.

·Email or message a group of contacts.

·Share contact info via email.


It’s accessible only through the menu bar, which makes it a pain to use along side or at the same time as another application. Switching focus to the anything else will cause Cobook to vanish from view. And you have to set an option to Anchor to Menu Bar in the Cobook menu to make it position on your screen. Besides, it doesn’t put the contact / company name at the top of the address.

Bottom Line:

It is a simple and easy-to-use address book application for both OS X and IOS users. When compared with Cisdem ContactsMate, it is more like a contacts sharing and classification tool than a manager for Address Book. Therefore, Cobook is a good choice for those who want to bring together contact info from your computer, social networks and other sources.


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