How to Limit Your Kids' Game Playing Time on Mac

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You have to admit that it is very difficult to control a kid’s user habits on Mac. But in the era of science and technology, kids also need to learn or play on Mac. When you give your Mac to your kids, this raises some problems, your kids may keep playing Mac games for a long time or do other inappropriate things. You may not be aware of these problems at first, but over time, they can lead to severe consequences. In this article, I’m going to talk about the negative effects of kids playing Mac games for a long time and the ways to limit your kids' game playing time on Mac.

Negative effects of kids playing Mac games for a long time

1.Myopia. It is too easily for kids to become shortsighted, because except studying, most of them like playing games on Mac. Playing games on Mac for a long time can cause eyestrain. Serious eyestrain can lead to persistent headaches, muscle pain in the head, neck and upper back, as well as long term problems like myopia.

2.Violent. Many Mac games contains violence elements. If kids play these Mac games for a very long time, they are more likely to display aggressive behavior and will become more hostile, less forgiving, and more apt to view violence as normal. So you’d better not allow your kids to play games containing violence elements or at least you should limit their game playing time.

3.Less time to learn or exercise. If kids spend more time on playing games on Mac, there will be less time for them to learn, exercise or social life. And indulging in Mac games also can make them tired of learning.

4.Unhealthy. If your kids often play games on Mac, they may sit in front of their Mac for a very long time. The research claims that a sedentary lifestyle is as bad for health as smoking and obesity. Sitting for prolonged periods, even if your kids also exercise regularly, could be bad for their health.

Every coin has two sides. Even though some games are not good for kids to play, but many games can actually cultivate kids’ many abilities such as thinking ability, estimating skills and situational awareness. So it is not advisable to prevent children from playing games. But spending long time on playing Mac games is very harmful to them. As fathers and mothers, you may be in a dilemma. But you can limit your kids’ game playing time to pull yourselves out of the dilemma. Just read on.

How to limit your kids' game playing time on Mac

According to many Mac users, limiting their kids’ game playing time is very useful on forming kids’ good user habits. But how to limit kids’ game playing time on Mac? There is a powerful way to make your Mac more kid-friendly and allows you to set time limits on any apps like kids game app. Furthermore, you have to do other things like setting rules for your kids and knowing different kinds of games well. You can follow below guidance to develop your kids’ good user habits and see how to limit your kids’ game playing time.

1.Set yourself an example to your kids. Example is better than precept. And kids will always gravitate toward the modeled behaviors of their parents. So if you tell your kids not to play computer games or reduce their game playing time, you’d better not play games either. In everyday life, you have to lead by example, set up a positive image.

2.Choose the right games for your kids. If you are not a gamer, you should spend more time on learning and understanding different kinds of Mac games, thus you can choose the right games which contain no violence elements and cultivate your kids'  ability.

3.Limit your kids' game playing time. If your kids indulge in playing games, it' s imperative to limit your kids'  game playing time by using some game time limiter like AppCrypt. It can allow your to lock any Mac apps like all kinds of game app with password and set a schedule to allow your kids to play in that time period. And it also helps you keep track of every failed attempt to access the locked apps with date, time, and optional photo. You can download free trial of AppCrypt for Mac and follow below steps to limit your kids' game playing time on Mac.

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Step 1. Download and install AppCrypt on Mac. After the installation process is complete, open it. Then AppCrypt will ask you to set a password. Enter a password twice and check “I have read and I understand this warning”. Then click “Submit” to set your password.

Step 2. By default, AppCrypt will lock four apps including System Preference, Activity Monitor, Terminal, Console. You can remove them as you like. Click “Add App” on the top menu bar to add your kids' game apps to the block list. Then the game apps will be listed on the left-hand column. And the detailed information of failed attempts to access the locked apps will be listed on the right-hand column.

Step 3. Click “Tool” and choose “Preference”. Then a window will pop up for you to set your schedule. Choose the start time and end time and select which day of the week, then click “Save”. If you want to set other schedule, just click + button to add.

After all these done, your kids will only be able to access the locked game apps in the time period you set. So you can feel free to let your kids use your Mac for learning.

4.Encourage Other Activities. You can also provide the necessary resources (books to read, board games, art supplies, and/or sporting equipment) to encourage your kids' other activities.

5.Observe Your Child's Behavioral Changes. This is very important in encouraging healthy behaviors and limiting unhealthy ones. If you don't notice that your kid's behavioral changes, you may not make the corresponding plan. When you start to notice them yourself, you'll be less inclined to put your kids in front of the Mac screen.

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