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Keep Kids Entertained During Holiday Travel

Christmas is around the corner, some parents will take kids to visit friends or grandparents who’re living in the distant county, or plan a family travel. Travelling is a good way to broaden kids’ vision and social adaptation ability, and create more happy families’ memories. But there is a crucial question, that is how to keep kids quiet and no boredom during the hours' journey. Keep kids entertained is very important thing. What items would you prepare for your kids entertainment? What we usually do is to make them occupied with iPad. Go on reading, you will get more ideas to have a happy traveling time with kids easier.

1. Kids Games

It is very exciting to plan a long drive for the driving. Most of us would come up with giving kids a tablet which loaded with lots of game apps to keep them busy on the car. There are lots of forms in Travel games, like, Connect Four, Battleship, Chess. You can choose the best ones for your kids, and get them attracted.


2. Watch Disney Movies

Watching animation videos is a great way to help kids spend time. You can allow them watch Disney movie collections on favorite digital devices, like iPad, iPhone, etc.

If you don’t feel it is convenience to bring along with a portable DVD player for a selection of your child's favorite cartoons, you can do it, and watch DVD movies.

But if you want to get rid of DVD player, and rip DVD to iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Cisdem VideoConverter can help you. Besides it is able to download YouTube videos in batch. So you can prepare more classic and educational Disney movies to your digital devices with all-round toolbox.

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3. Activity Books

For girl, you can prepare some color pen and drawings. For boy, you can buy some puzzle book, or some fiction book for reading. Make some such as drawing, coloring or puzzles. Activity books are a surefire way to pass the uneasy hours. Traditional story or picture books are great choice as well.

4. Tell Story on the Way

All children like to listen to fairy tale, it can give more imagination during the trip. You can also have your kids to narrate themselves, all have a turn, but one at a time. By this way, the excitement of kids would be raised highly.

5. Use Audio Books to Keep Kids Quiet

Listening to a story through a portable MP3 player is very great way to add some fun for kids on the road. They can see the beautiful scenery through the window, and enjoy an interesting story as well.

6. Have Snacks

For a trip, we can’t forget to package some snacks for kids. Eating is one of biggiest funs among those lovely. But we should prepare some nutritious foods for them to take a eat, like fruts, nuts, and bread, etc.

7. Guess Riddle

Some children would like to guessing riddles and playing riddle quiz game. Guess riddle can attract their attention and explore more brains. Print a list of guess riddle paper, so that you can organize Guess Riddle activities among your kids.

8. Puzzles Handwork

Handwork includes animation panel puzzles, and some small cube puzzles. But don’t give too difficult ones, we should irritate their interesting but can’t beat their confidence as well. So it is important to choose moderate difficult puzzles.

9. Sing Songs

 If you like to sing songs, just come to show to your kids, they are thirsty with big eyes looking at you. You can hold a "Kids Concert" among kids, and invite them to sing.

10. Stop and Rest for a While

For long driving, most of passengers would be bored, and want to have a stretch or for the toilet breaks. Frequent stop can also help kids get more energy and sweep away some tiredness. 

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