How to Perform JPG OCR Accurately and Easily (Free Software Included)?

Connie Wisley
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JPG is more than a graphic file format to present figures, landscape, object or others, it is also widely used to save and distribute text information, due to its small file size and super-high compatibility across different devices.

If we want to recognize the text from a JPG file, we need to perform JPG OCR, exporting as well formatted Word or just Text format. Today, we will introduce 3 methods to OCR JPG to Word or Text, both on macOS and Windows, including free JPG OCR software.

How to Get Accurate JPG OCR?

Accuracy matters a lot when we perform a JPG OCR, it decides if we need to spend extra time on manually checking and revising the OCR errors, or adjusting the formatting. Then how to do JPG OCR easily and accurately? A professional JPG OCR software is all what you need.

Get Accurate JPG OCR on Windows and Mac

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a dedicated OCR program to recognize text from scanned PDF, JPG and other image formats, while highly retaining the formatting in original file. It supports OCR JPG to Word, Text, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, basically covering all popular editable formats. Working as a PDF converter, it is also capable of converting native PDFs to 15+ formats and creating PDF from Word, PowerPoint, ePub, etc.

With its batch OCR features, it makes JPG OCR much easier, you just need to import the JPG files, then convert JPG OCR to Word or Text in bulk.

How to OCR JPG to Word or Text on Windows/Mac?

Step 1Download and install Cisdem PDF Converter OCR;

Free Download   Free Download

Step 2Drag and drop JPG files to the program;

Step 3 Click OK to download the OCR module and run it.


Step 4Choose output as Word DOC/DOCX or Text;


Step 5Click Convert to OCR JPG to Word or Text on Windows or Mac.

Free Software to Do JPG OCR

Is it possible to do JPG OCR with freeware? Where to download free JPG OCR software? In this part, you will find 2 freeware to OCR JPG to Word or Text.

#1 SimpleOCR

SimpleOCR is always one of the top-ranked options to do OCR for free, due to its good OCR performance and rich features. You can utilize this tool to OCR PDF, image and scans in batch. In addition, to revise OCR errors, it enables spell check and word replacement from its library.


  1. OCR PDF, Image and Scans;
  2. Batch OCR;
  3. Spell check and word replacement;
  4. Export as Word or Text;


  1. For Windows only;
  2. Need revise OCR errors;
  3. Formatting is not highly preserved as expected;

Where to Free Download JPG OCR Software?

How to OCR JPG to Word or Text for Free?

  1. Download and install SimpleOCR onto your Windows PC;
  2. Click Add Page to import JPG file for OCR process;
  3. In the Text Display window, check spell and revise OCR errors;jpg ocr simpleocr01
  4. Then go to User Options>Save As, choose Word ort Text, click OK;jpg ocr simpleocr02

#2 FreeOCR

Another freeware to OCR JPG to Word or Text is FreeOCR. Like SimpleOCR, FreeOCR is only for Windows users. It allows users to OCR scans, scanned PDF and images, with support for 3 output formats: Text, Word and RTF. FreeOCR can accurately recognize text from an image-based file, however, it cannot output good-formatting Word file, even though it allows users to export as Word. The formatting in the Word output is just missing.


  1. OCR scans, images and scanned PDF;
  2. OCR file to Text, Word and RTF;
  3. OCR 11 languages;
  4. Export file as JPG;


  1. No batch OCR;
  2. Formatting is missing in the Word output;
  3. Only for Windows;

Where to Download Free JPG OCR Software?

How to OCR JPG to Word or Text Free?

  1. Download and install FreeOCR onto your Windows;
  2. Click Open to import JPG file to the program;
  3. Click OCR to start JPG OCR process;jpg ocr freeocr
  4. Then choose output as Word or Text;

JPG OCR to Word or Text Online Free

Besides standalone OCR programs to OCR JPG offline, there are online free JPG OCR tools as well. In fact, it is not easy to OCR convert a JPG file online, most of online free OCR program recognize texts with an accuracy of approx. 85%, also, the formatting won’t be highly preserved. That’s to say, you have to spend a lot of time and effort to revise the output file after OCR. However, among so many online free JPG OCR tools, Convertio OCR is worth a try.

Convertio is capable of converting 300+ files, including video, audio, document, ebook, image, archive and so on. It also offers OCR service, allowing users to convert PDF and images to 11 editable formats.


  2. Batch OCR JPG or others;
  3. Upload files from local folder, Google Drive, Dropbox and URL;
  4. OCR 70+ languages;
  5. Accurate OCR result;
  6. Save files to Dropbox or Google Drive after JPG OCR;


  1. Need manually adjust formatting;
  2. Only 10 pages can be converted with OCR for free;
  3. Potential risk of information leakage;

How to JPG OCR to Word or Text Online Free?

1. Go to website Convertio OCR;

2. Drag and drop JPG files to the program, up to 10 JPG files are allowed for free OCR;

3. Choose file language and select output as Word or Text;

4. Click Recognize to start JPG OCR online free.
jpg ocr convertio


It is not a difficult job to OCR JPG files, but if you want an accurate and easy JPG OCR, you’d better think about professional JPG OCR programs in the first beginning.

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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