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How to Trim and Convert DVD to Separate Parts for your iPad Pro?

Do you want to enjoy DVD movie on your long trip? Do you want to keep your children on the long trip be quiet? Do you know how to play the DVD on your iPad Pro? Do you know how to trim and convert DVD movie to separate parts? If you don't know, reading this article and it will help you.

To trim and convert a DVD movie we should have the best DVD converter or DVD trimmer. When you search on the internet, they are a lot of DVD converters like iSkysoftware video converter, Cisdem Video Converter, HandBrake, VLC, Any video Converter, Movavi video converter and so on. In my opinion, Cisdem Video Converter has given me the best experience. When I convert DVD, it never shuts down or outputs videos with images loss or breezing. The most important point is that it could cut and compress the DVD videos into small parts for my iPad Pro.

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Trim and convert DVD Movie for your iPad Pro

Step 1. After you inserted the converter into your Mac, you could insert the DVD into Mac too. For Cisdem Video Converter, when you open it, you will see that there are two interfaces: conversing interface, downloading interface, sharing interface. Stay in converting interface.

Step 2. After you stay at converting interface, you could open the DVD, then drag and drop the DVD movies into it. Or click “”,and choose ”DVD” to add. Cisdem Video Converter can trim and convert more than 120+ popular formats to another 120+ popular formats including MP4, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MOV, WMV and so on.

Step 3. Trim and edit your DVD movie. You just click “”, then you could trim your DVD movie. There are two ways to trim your DVD.

Way 1. Drag pointers. You could cut your DVD movie to any size by dragging the starting and ending pointer. Then the timer underneath the preview screen clearly shows this clip's starting, fishing and length. If you have sure the output video length, you also can crop, add 3D effects, watermark in your video. If you don't want to do that, just click "OK" and finish edition.

Way 2. Set the current point.

A. Check “Trim” on the tab.
B. Click “” to play the selected files.
C. Click the “” to set the starting point of the playback. When the video gets to the place where you want to end, then click “” to mark the spot. Then you could preview the timer about the length of the output video.

Step 4. Choose the trimmed video format.

There are a lot of presets for a variety of devices and you can convert directly to a format that is the best fit for your specific device. As for your iPad pro, you could choose “Apple Device”>”iPad(1080p)H.264 Video(*.mp4)”.

Step 5. Convert and trim your DVD movie separate files for your iPad Pro.

After you have sure the Starting, Ending pointers and choose the output format, you could click the button to convert and trim your video to separate files.

Why to trim and convert DVD movie?

No matter the CD, DVD, HD DVD or Blu-ray DVD, they are digital optical disc data storage format. They are designed to store media data. Every DVD has more than one layer and every layer has 5GB-25GB space for video. It is totally lager than your iPad Pro capability. What is more, all DVD discs are designed not to illegal rewrite and copy. Absolutely it can not copy and play on your iPad Pro directly. So if you want play the DVD movie on your iPad Pro, we need to trim and convert DVD movie to separate.

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