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My Mac Got a Virus! Here Helps You Remove it and Keep Your Mac Safer

A number of Mac users only heard malware infected Windows system and they believe Mac is powerful and safe enough that you are not going to notice any real performance decrease. However, is this really the case? Unfortunately, not! Malware does exist on the OS X platform. Despite OS X having a built-in antivirus system, such as File Quarantine, many attacks have happened as noted in Apple Discussion and CNN news. Then, how to remove the virus and keep Mac more security? Don’t worry, it's not on a scale that should be keeping you awake at night. In this post, we will give you the most effective solution.

How Do You Know If Your Mac Has a Virus?

Virus usually gets on your Mac device when you install unknown or unsafe program by typing in your password and allowing it to proceed. It may also enter into Mac OS X system via other ways, but productive methods have been announced diffusely and patched. If you are not sure whether your Mac is infected by malware or not, following four signs can be regarded as reminders.

Sign one: Suddenly pop-up weird ads. Adware, spyware and scareware appear frequently on the Mac platform recently. If you have found ads in places they previously didn't show up, there is a very high probability that you've installed something you shouldn't. This is particularly true if you get pop-up ads even when you're not browsing the Internet.

Pop-up ads

Sign two: Mac becomes slow without rhyme or reason. Don't download MacKeeper, MacDefender, or any homogeneous software that intend to speed up your Mac computer. In fact, they usually slow down your Mac or make things worse. Just like any other piece of software you downloaded and installed on your Mac, MacKeeper is a Trojan Horse because you gave it permission to run.

Mac becomes slow without rhyme or reason

Sign three: Elementary tools and programs quit work. If you hit the common-uesd keyboard shortcuts and nothing happens. Your Start Menu won't open. Nothing occurs when you right-click on the desktop. Your security software won't run as well. This is often a hint that a virus is messing with your Mac.

Essential tools and programs quit work

Sign four: Locked computer.Have you ever been in such situation? You've been locked out until you pay a fine. Obviously, it's a trap! Even if you pay the money, you won't get your computer back. A virus has taken over and is holding your computer ransom. That's why it's called "ransomware". Some hateful ransomware doesn't try to be sneaky and show up in front of us overbearingly. It tells you in advance that hackers took over your system.

Locked computer

How to Get Rid of the “Oh, Sh*t” Virus from Mac?

The most commonly known Mac virus is Flashback Trojan, a simple and easiest piece of Mac malware developed to phish personal data using the plugins. If you're particularly concerned about malware, or malicious software, then you may want to install antivirus software on your Mac computer.

1. Install Antivirus Applications on Your Mac

There are many antivirus programs compatible with Mac for selecting, then which one is the best? Here are my recommendations on Mac antivirus. My two favorites are Avast and Norton. You can take them as reference and choose the most suitable one for your Mac, for a solid security software suite is one of the best investments you can make for your computer.

  • Sophos Home for Mac
  • Avast Free Mac Security
  • Avira Free Antivirus for Mac
  • Norton Security Deluxe
  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac
  • Kaspersky Internet Security

Performance and system impact

2. Do a Scan For Viruses

Use your antivirus software to scan your Mac for viruses. Be bound to include any external hard drives or other volumes. If you are sharing drives from other Macs, it’s much faster to scan on the local Mac than scanning across the network. You must not abort scanning halfway, otherwise all your previous efforts wasted.

3. Remove Viruses on Mac

After finishing scanning malware via antivirus programs, you will know what kinds of viruses are infecting your Mac, just remove them away with the tool. The process of cleaning viruses may need to wait a few minutes. Some stubborn viruses could still leave in Mac, in this case, we have to do further cleaning to remove them.

4. Scan Again via Other Alternative Software

It’s always a capital idea to get a second opinion by scanning with a different program. Select an alternate from above, but don’t try to run both of them at the same time, or they’ll step on each other’s toes.

How to Keep Your Mac more User-friendly, Healthier and Safer?

How to Keep Your Mac more User-friendly, Healthier and Safer?

1. Pay Attention to new updates and upgrades

It it light to view any new updates that are available on your Mac since Apple has designed it already. Don't forget to keep your security tools updated to protect your computer from any new threat that may be roaming around the cyber world. You can check for updates manually by choosing the Apple menu on the desktop and clicking software update. Afterwards, your Mac will find any upgrades that need to download.

2. Enable a personal firewall

Firewalls are practical for formidable Mac users, who understand what a firewall is for and know how to properly configure it to achieve what they want. If you're running potentially vulnerable software you don't purport to be accessed over the Internet, in this condition, you can enable a firewall. Make sure your firewall has logging fully enabled, and use a log analysis program to highlight issues that request for being addressed.

3. Merely download from trusted sources

Are you always nervous that you'll accidentally download a malicious file or program? Viruses are ubiquitous. When downloading different applications and software onto your Mac, ask yourself a few questions: Is this content safe? Am I downloading from a reliable site? Because times have changed now, and things have gotten a bit messy. You have to be very careful before you click on any download button or link. Trusted sources are able to make all the difference in keeping your data safe, and even just one misfortune can cause you to lose all your data and other individual information.

4. Consider an Encryption Software

If you wan to keep your Mac safer, you can try some encryption software to lock your apps from prying eyes. For me, Cisdem AppCrypt is the best bet. It can protect your private apps with password from peeping by others. Most of us could download or use tons of popular programs in our Mac, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Note, Mail, Skype. ect. These apps are really used safely in your Mac? The answer is no, so you absolutely need an encryption software and AppCrypt can achieve it. Now I will briefly introduce how to use AppCrypt on Mac.

Download the free trial of AppCrypt

Download the free trial of AppCrypt on Mac now!!!

  1. Launch AppCrypt on your Mac, then it will ask you to set password after you. Please enter an easy-remember password. Because if you forget it, you will have no chance to retrieve the password. how to use AppCrypt step one
  2. You can set general attribute, password and time schedule to unlock locked apps at a specified time. It's very easy to set the time, as the same way you set your alarm to use AppCrypt step two
  3. You can add apps to block list by clicking "Add App" at the left side of menu bar. When someone tries to log in these locked applications, he or she will ask for entering password. If the password is wrong, AppCrypt will keep tracks of failed attempts to access the locked to use AppCrypt step three

Troublesome? So It Would Seem, But Never Relax

To remove viruses and protect our Mac, steps and events mentioned above seem troublesome and overwhelming. But don't give up doing these, once you failure to protect your Mac, your personal information would be leaked and the Mac would be damaged.

With the fast development of network technology, we stay more time online. But Internet is a double-edged sword, we must cultivate a good online habit. If you have kids, I think this guide "4 Simple Steps That Will Make Your Kids Completely Safe Online" should also be helpful for you.

Start from today, taking responsibility for your own security online, you will be surprised to find that everything goes increasingly smooth online in future.


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