Parenting Tip: Prevent Children from Accessing Any App or Game On Your Mac

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Many parents are worrying about a thing: kids start using computers earlier and earlier, and many of them become very adept and quite precocious at an extremely young age. They have full access to your Mac, including the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all sorts of other Internet-based activities. Excessive, unmonitored use of computers can place children at risk for harmful effects on their physical, social, and psychological development. As parents, the dilemma is, they try to encourage their kids to take a break and learn something from the Internet, while on the other hand, they have to prevent them from accessing certain apps or games. How to make the balance?

Trust, But Verify

"The difference between responsible monitoring and spying is the 'Gotcha' factor," says Nurit Sheinberg, Ed.D., director of research and evaluation at the Mailman Segal Institute for Early Childhood Studies at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Tell your kids that you’ll going to control their usage of some apps on Mac and they’ll also begin to self-control.

Yes, you want to trust your kids. But the problem is, they're kids -- relying on their word may not be enough to keep them safe. Try to do regular checks to be sure you get the whole truth right now!

What to Allow, and When?

Every kid has their own preferences. Some spent a lot time in video games whenever they have free time, others may be curious about some apps they parents are using. Therefore, learn about your kids’ habits firstly before you set the blocking list. Besides, the time should also be considered. For example,you can allow your kids to have some leisure activities, like using some music apps to listen to music one hour before they go bed.

Well, the good news is that it doesn't take much effort to protect your Mac from inquisitive young minds. Your Mac comes with a few bits of built-in protection, and there are some good applications available to help you sharing your Mac with kids.

Set Up Parental Controls on Mac

Setting limits is a great way to get kids used to the Mac. Starting with basic applications and the games they want to play, you can gradually broaden their access to other programs.

One Mac, Many Users

Whether you share a Mac with your children or they have their own, it’s a snap to create user accounts so that everyone has separate preferences and settings for applications.You’re well-served by creating separate user accounts for your children – maybe one for each if you have a few, but certainly at least one account that’s separate from yours.By default, when you create an account without administrator abilities, it’s called a standard account. Standard users can’t install software for all users or make changes to options in certain System Preferences panes.If you restrict an account further by using parental controls, it becomes a managed account.   

After you've set the account for your kids, you can now set up parental controls according to the following steps.

Step 1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then select Parental Controls. 

Step 2. Click the lock icon to unlock it, then enter an administrator name and password.

Step 3. Select the account, to which you would like to add parental controls, If the user isn’t in the list, click Add, then fill in the name, account, and password information to create a new user. 

1. When you’re finished don’t forget to click the lock to prevent further changes. 
2. In order to prevent your kids from accessing your machine, it’s important that you keep this password a secret from your kids. 

Going Further with Cisdem AppCrypt

Though setting up Parental Controls is easy and can be completed in a just a few minutes, some children may still be able to delete any game that has a lock symbol present as they can easily press the start button and press delete LOL. So there’s a run-through of what’s immediately available to you in OS X. When your kids know as much about Macs as you do, keeping your stuff safe can be incredibly difficult - but it isn't impossible. Now let’s turn to a paid and more powerful app: Cisdem AppCrypt, which can be used to password protect individual applications on Mac.

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac is the app encryption software for Mac that will allow you to safely password protect any applications on your Mac. Once it’s set up with a master password and you select the apps you want to be locked, you are ready to go. No one will be able to access your protected apps unless they have the correct password.

Free Download

Download the freetrial of Cisdem AppCrypt Mac Now!

A. Password Protect Specified Applications During a Specific Time Frame

When you launch AppCrypt for the first time, this app will prompt you to set a password. After setting the password, you will have access to a next control panel, in which you can drag the applications to the block list and protect them with the password. You can even set a specific time for decryption. And, from then on, no password? No applications!

B. Keep Tracks of Failed Attempts of Your Kids

AppCrypt also offers advanced features like keeping tracks of failed attempts to access the protected apps with date, time, and you can even set to capture a snapshot of the intruder with the front-facing camera.

In this way, you can even know when your kids have ever attempted to get access the games on your block list.You'll know more about your children, and even small discretion couldn't be escaped.     

In Conclusion

It seems to me that Cisdem AppCrypt is a very good option if you’re looking to control a wide range of aspects of your child’s Mac experience, and protect them from the dangers that are out there. Combine it with your Mac’s Parental Control settings, and you could come up with an ideal setup that matches your kid’s age, and apply changes as he or she grows older.

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    My son spent over five hours per day to play some video games. I just wondering how I can make some limits to him. Thanks for your tips. I'll try them one by one!

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    Thanks for the good tips! My boy is on high school. I found that only some basic settings like Parental control is not workable at all.

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