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How to Easily Organize Contacts on macOS Mojave?

In our life, we have to maintain large relationships with friends, family, clients, colleagues etc., each group keeps growing. In case of losing connections one day, we would choose to store and organize contacts in iPhone, Google Gmail, Apple Address Book, or paper notebook, etc.

“I have to admit that it is frustrating for me to keep track of my personal and business contacts. I don’t have specific contact organizer to tidy up my mess and large contacts, some of them are incomplete, duplicates and error in address and email……”.

Having a broad network is a good thing for your life and work, but if you don't organize contacts and maintain often, it can be in a vain. The large but cluttered contacts databases likes a big obstacle that prevents us from quickly getting the right person's contacts we need, because they are from all over the place, they are in error and duplicate. This article can help you out of such troublesome, and show the best way to manage contacts on Mac with a professional contact organizer.

Best Contact Organizer for Mac

Among a number of useful third-party alternatives, I want to introduce an easy-to-use yet professional contact organizer for Mac, Cisdem ContactsMate, which achieves much reputation and becomes our favorite.

With easy–to-use and nice interface and great organizing ability, it helps manage, edit, create new name cards and make contacts group easily, but also screen and detect those error contacts. You are able to export your whole Mac Address Book or specific contacts group to CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages format for later usage.

Supported System: OS X 10.7+ (including Yosemite and El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina)

How to Manage and Organize Contacts on Mac?

Cisdem ContactsMate, priced at $19.99, offers free trial version to all Mac users. You can download this light-weighted contact organizer on your Mac easily.

1. Gather All Contacts in Every Place

Firstly, we need to collect all contacts databases from a variety of different platforms, like Apple tools like Calendar, iCloud, FaceBook social network, Apple Mail or Google tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, and iPhone, Android Phones, etc. And make them into the CSV excel format.

If your contacts databases are large, you can import the CSV file you created just now to Contacts firstly. (Because Cisdem ContactsMate will sync with Contacts.). Go to the File, choose the "Import" from the drop-down menu list.

2. Launch Cisdem ContactsMate

Once you run the app, you’ll be asked to allow access to sync with your Contacts. Click “OK”, all databases in Contacts will be synced to Cisdem ContactsMate right away.

3. Organize Contacts Easily

3.1 Create, Edit and Rich Each Contact Information

ContactsMate by default shows first names, last names, Phone, Email, and Note of your Contacts, you are always free to choose from a variety of categories to show. I.e. HomePage, JobTitle, Organization, ABDepartment, NickName, Title, Suffix, Address, as many sub categories.

  1. Rich contact property. Click one contact, and its detailed profile is displayed on the right. Click the Blue button "Edit", and then Click the button “+” to add more useful property. You can edit and add full information on each property.
  2. You can create new contacts in the middle area. Click "+" to make a blank contact, and then edit and rich its property separately.
  3. Take notes for the Contact. You are able to add more label to rich each pereson's contact information in the "Note" line.

3.2 Screen, Scan and Fix Contacts' Errors

  1. Go to its "Preferences", choose the items from 14 screening conditions you want to scan. Select all condition, and click "OK".
  2. Click button "Scan", it automatically find out and detect those error information which listed on the left, showing like Duplicate contacts, Incomplete name, Invalid characters, etc., as what you chose just now in "Preferences".
  3. Fix and modified those errors and duplicates, etc. on the right side. You can merge the duplicates, rich those incomplete, or delete those unwanted on this window.

3.3 Make Contacts Group for Better Categorization

How to deal with thousands of overwhelmed contacts? You can put them into groups for easily management or mail. Grouping would be nice (Colleagues, vendors, clients, sales, etc...). This group function is helpful for you to mail one group contacts in one go, instead of type one by one.

  1. Add "+" at the bottom of the first column, a new "untitled group" appears under All Contacts. Give a name to this group. Then drag-n-drop those contacts in batch you’d like to put into this group.
  2. If you want to create sub-group, click the first group "Colleagues", it turns blue, and then click the "+" again, a new group appears under the group "Colleagues".

Why Professional Software is Better than Mac Built-in Contacts

Cisdem ContactsMate covers what Apple Contacts has, but can remedy what it doesn’t have. It is absolutely the best contact organizer for Mac to manage and complete your large contact relationships in one place. What’s special that diverts our attention from OS X Contacts to Cisdem contacts management software?

  1. Great error scanning and fixing ability. it can screen and scan those duplicate and error contacts, analyze, reports, and fixes dozens of problems in your Contacts, you can correct them together. As our record, it scans almost 6,320 contacts but only takes around 15 seconds.
  2. Its synchronizing capabilities gives us an surprise. Utilizes the Mac OS X built-in contact database, any change and modification can sync with the built-in Contacts and iCloud, as well as any other service OS X Contacts supports (e.g. Google Contacts).
  3. Runs well on El Capitan, macOS Sierra, Mojave and macOS Catalina. You will never worry about your Mac operating system doesn’t support this Mac Mac organizer, because Cisdem team keeps working hard to bring the latest technology to you.


Get your contacts well organized and categorized is helpful to maximize your personal and business relationship, once we set up a strong contacts databases in Cisdem contact organizer, we can easily and quickly find what we need according to its group or use its Search tool to help you.

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