How to Online Download Videos for iPhone 6?

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Rugby World Cup is coming and you are busy to work. No time to enjoy it. Do you want to enjoy it anywhere and anytime? online download Rugby World Cup 2015 videos.

From 18 September to 31 October 2015, The Rugby World Cup 2015 will be held in England. There is nearly two months of competition. In those days, you may have to work, study. You do not want to miss your favorite team tournaments of team. This article will give you a perfect solution. Cisdem Video Converter is the best software to online download Rugby World Cup 2015 videos. Cisdem Video Converter is also the best software to convert Rugby World Cup 2015 videos to MP 4 for iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus/Pod Touch 5 etc.

The hosts of The Rugby World Cup

From the first Rugby World Cup was held by Australia and New Zealand. There are another six tournaments that were held at four-year intervals. The 1991 Rugby World Cup was hosted by Great Britain, Ireland, and France. The 1995 Rugby World Cup and The 1999 Rugby World Cup were hosted by South Africa and Wales respectively. The Rugby World Cup 2003 was hosted by Australia and 2007 by France. The 2011 tournament was hosted by New Zealand. Now 2015 Rugby World Cup is coming, are you ready for enjoy it at any time anywhere? Download Rugby World Cup 2015 videos from YouTube.

How to online download Rugby World Cup 2015 videos from YouTube?

Cisdem Video Converter is great. When you are watching online videos, you can download online videos directly from YouTube and other popular sites. With Cisdem Video Converter you can easily online download.

Free Download

Step 1. Open Cisdem Video Converter, then click button on the menu bar.

Free online download Cisdem Video Converter, and double click to launch it. You will see a pretty simple and intuitive interface as follow picture.

Step 2. Copy the video URLs and paste them into the field at button.

Anytime you enjoy videos, you will notice that there are URLs on the top of window. Copy them and paste them into the field at button.

Step 3. Click to online download them.

If all the steps are ready, click the button and you will online download easily.

How to convert Rugby World Cup 2015 videos to Mp4 for iPhone6?

Cisdem Video Converter is the most stable and quickest converter for MAC OSX. Cisdem Video Converter can save videos as FLV, MP4, MP3, WebM, AVI, FLV, etc. formats in bulk with lossless quality on Mac.

First, click , after online download Rugby World Cup 2015 videos.

When you have finished online download, you need to convert Rugby World Cup videos as Mp4 for your iPhone6/iPhone6 Plus/Pod Touch 5. Turn download button to convert button as the following picture.

Second, drop your Rugby World Cup 2015 videos into it, select Mp4 for iPhone6.

Just drag and drop Rugby World Cup 2015 videos which you have online download into it. Then select what you want to output.

Third, click and convert them.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Fixtures Schedule

Rugby World Cup 2015 has 20 nations to take part in the competition. This Rugby World Cup tournament is divided into 2 stages-pool stages and knockout stage. Next, I will show you the Rugby World Cup 2015 Fixtures Schedule.

pool stage

Pool A

18 September 2015 England     35–11    Fiji Twickenham Stadium, London

20 September 2015 Wales       54–9     Uruguay Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

23 September 2015 Australia   28–13    Fiji Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

26 September 2015 England       v       Wales Twickenham Stadium, London

27 September 2015 Australia     v       Uruguay Villa Park, Birmingham

1 October 2015 Wales               v        Fiji Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

3 October 2015 England            v         Australia Twickenham Stadium, London

6 October 2015 Fiji                   v        Uruguay Stadium mk, Milton Keynes

10 October 2015 Australia       v        Wales Twickenham Stadium, London

10 October 2015 England         v        Uruguay Manchester City Stadium, Manchester

Pool B

19 September 2015 South Africa   32–34   Japan Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton

20 September 2015 Samoa         25–16    United States Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton

23 September 2015 Scotland      45–10    Japan Kingsholm, Gloucester

26 September 2015 South Africa     v      Samoa Villa Park, Birmingham

27 September 2015 Scotland         v      United States Elland Road, Leeds

3 October 2015 Samoa                 v      Japan Stadium mk, Milton Keynes

3 October 2015 South Africa        v      Scotland St. James' Park, Newcastle

7 October 2015 South Africa        v      United States Olympic Stadium, London

10 October 2015 Samoa              v      Scotland St. James' Park, Newcastle

11 October 2015 United States     v      Japan Kingsholm, Gloucester

Pool C

19 September 2015 Tonga         10–17      Georgia Kingsholm, Gloucester

20 September 2015 New Zealand   26–16      Argentina Wembley Stadium, London

24 September 2015 New Zealand     v         Namibia Olympic Stadium, London

25 September 2015 Argentina         v         Georgia Kingsholm, Gloucester

29 September 2015 Tonga              v         Namibia Sandy Park, Exeter

2 October 2015 New Zealand         v         Georgia Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

4 October 2015 Argentina              v         Tonga Leicester City Stadium, Leicester

7 October 2015 Namibia                v         Georgia Sandy Park, Exeter

9 October 2015 New Zealand          v         Tonga St. James' Park, Newcastle

11 October 2015 Argentina            v         Namibia Leicester City Stadium, Leicester

Pool D

19 September 2015 Ireland       50–7      Canada Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

19 September 2015 France        32–10     Italy Twickenham Stadium, London

23 September 2015 France        38–11     Romania Olympic Stadium, London

26 September 2015 Italy             v        Canada Elland Road, Leeds

27 September 2015 Ireland         v        Romania Wembley Stadium, London

1 October 2015 France               v       Canada Stadium mk, Milton Keynes

4 October 2015 Ireland              v       Italy Olympic Stadium, London

6 October 2015 Canada             v       Romania Leicester City Stadium, Leicester

11 October 2015 Italy               v       Romania Sandy Park, Exeter

11 October 2015 France           v       Ireland Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Knockout stage


17 October 2015                            16:00 BST (UTC+01)

Winner of Pool B      v       Runner-up of Pool A Twickenham Stadium, London

17 October 2015                            20:00 BST (UTC+01)

Winner of Pool C      v       Runner-up of Pool D Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

8 October 2015                             13:00 BST (UTC+01)

Winner of Pool D      v       Runner-up of Pool C Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

18 October 2015                           16:00 BST (UTC+01)

Winner of Pool A      v       Runner-up of Pool B Twickenham Stadium, London Semi-finals

24 October 2015                           16:00 BST (UTC+01)

Winner of quarter-final 1     v       Winner of quarter-final 2 Twickenham Stadium, London

25 October 2015                          16:00 GMT (UTC+00)

Winner of quarter-final 3     v       Winner of quarter-final 4 Twickenham Stadium, London

Bronze final

30 October 2015                         20:00 GMT (UTC+00)

Loser of semi-final 1         v       Loser of semi-final 2 Olympic Stadium, London


31 October 2015                         16:00 GMT (UTC+00)

Winner of semi-final 1        v       Winner of semi-final 2 Twickenham Stadium, London

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