How to Merge Large PDFs and Make It in Smaller Size on Mac Even If You Knew Little about This?

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Let's say, when we are managing dozens of PDF under a specified topic, we want integrate those essential information from certain page(s) into one single PDF to have a seamless information presentation. In such a case, we need to combine PDF.

2 Aspects that People Care the Most When Combining PDFs

Back to those days I submerged myself in different forums to seek solutions for my own problem of merging PDFs, I found many PDF users were confronted with similar questions which basically categorized into 3 types.

When I combine an 8-page word doc into one pdf it is 22mb! What's going wrong?---Eminds from Adobe Forum

"Combined PDF is too large", this the problem bother our PDF users the most.
This is quite understandable when you want allocate several one-page or multi-pages, even image-intensive PDFs into one PDF, the size will be definitely larger than the individual ones. And the large size PDFs greatly impact the efficiency adversely.

I am familiar in how to combine multiple PDF's into a single PDF document in Acrobat Pro, however I would like the easiest way to combine the files……---douglasg99114872

"Easiest way to do the combing without too much manual work on it", people also spend much time on achieving this.
It indicates that people want a method or tool that can do the job automatically and magically. To be specific, they don’t want a combining requiring to open the documents each time, don’t want to manually make the PDFs in a expected order by moving up and down each page.

The Best Tool that Can Remove Users' Concerns When Merging (Large) PDFs

The PDFToolkit Mac is a powerful PDFs tool to merge, split, compress and extract PDF. With its intuitive interface and versatile functionality, it can easily help you to merge large PDFs into one single doc and make it smaller by compressing the PDF.

Follow the steps to merge your (large) PDFs Now!!!

Step 1, Download and Install the free trial version, launch it on your mac.

how to merge large PDFs and make it smaller

Step 2, Select "Merge" and "Add Files" to get those PDFs need to be merged prepared in the left pane. You can arrange the orders by dragging up and down the added files.

how to merge large PDFs and make it smaller size

Step 3, Select “Merge” to combine the PDFs and rename the merged PDF as needed.

how to merge large PDFs and make it smaller size

Step 4. Compress the merged PDF into smaller size by going to "Compress" option. Add the merged file. Choose the compression mode.

how to merge large PDFs and make it smaller sizeThen, you just got your combined PDF with a smaller size as you prefer with an expected compression quality.

Other Features of The PDFToolkit Mac

As I mentioned above, The PDFToolkit Mac is a tool with the ability to merge, split, compress and extract, so you can expect more than just combine your PDFs.

To Split PDF on Mac
Go to the "Split" option and add the PDF file need to be separated, tweak the setting as needed.

how to merge large PDFs and make it smaller

To Extract Text or Image from PDF on Mac

Go to "Extract Text" or "Extract Image" option and add file that need to extract (scanned) text or images from. Tweak the settings.

how to merge large PDFs and make it smaller

Extended Tips on How to Merge PDFs on Mac

Find an expert like Cisdem PDFToolKit is absolutely the best way out to combine your PDFs, but if you are looking for some handy or free tools that comes with your own Mac, you can try following. However, these methods are more reliable when the PDF is native ones and only with smaller size.

Tip 1 Using Preview
Open files that need to be combined with Preview>View>Thumbnails>Drag and Drop the selected page(s) to the designated PDF
You can also refer to the details: Merge PDFs with Preview

Tip 2 Using Adobe
Open Adobe Acrobat>Create>Merge Files into a Single PDF>Add files>Combine Files
You can also refer to the details: Combine PDFs with Adobe

Tip 3 Using Online PDF Merger
There are pretty much online service to combine PDFs, and I pick my favorite as following according to its advantages on process speed, easy operation and clear interface.
1.Go to FoxyUtils, upload files to combine. You can drag and drop, or select files from Mac, Dropbox, Google Drive(Click Shift when selecting files to batch upload)

how to merge PDFs with online tools 1

2.Click Merge 
how to merge PDFs with online tools 2

3.Download the merged PDF as it guided you.
how to merge PDFs with online tools 3

However, for your information, to speed up the combining, I just upload small size PDFs cause large PDFs either crash the process or consume longer time. Also, DO NOT upload those insensitive PDFs for combining, the only reason for this action is, is not safe and does you no good.

So, how will you merge large PDFs on Mac?

As for me, there are great chances that I have to work on large size PDFs, like hundreds pages report with images and graphics, project design with many details, scanned ebooks,etc. 

Yes, large PDFs often give up headaches, but it needn’t to be so. We have the Cisdem PDFToolkit which offers many plausible solutions to kill all problems when we have to manage our PDFs.

So, how will you merge your large PDFs, like me or any other recommendations? Please give a hint in the comment.

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  • Donavon

    Yes, that's a problem, everytime I merge several PDFs into one, the file size is extremely huge, thanks for introducing such a tool with merging, compressing, even splitting and extracting in one.

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    Every time I combined several PDFs, I got a large PDF that failed to be sent via email. It's good to have a tool can both merge and compress.

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