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How to Make PDF Writable on Mac OS(Sierra Compatible)?

If you usually deal with PDF files, you will find that not all of the PDF file allows you to copy or modify it. There are some PDF files are only-readable, you can't directly edit it unless you convert PDF to writable file or directly make PDF writable with third-party application. Today, I will share you the ways of how to make PDF writable on Mac OS, Sierra is also compatible. But if your PDF file is protected by a password, you need to visit “How to Edit a Secured PDF on Mac” to get solution. Please read on. If you have any question, you can leave it on the comment.

Convert PDF to writable file on Mac

Editing PDF file is not an easy thing, but editing Word, Excel or Pages, etc. file on Mac is a piece of cake. So, converting PDF to writable file is a good choice if you want to edit PDF file deeply. For those who have already installed Adobe Acrobat on Mac, they could save PDF as Microsoft Word with Adobe Acrobat conveniently, but for those who didn't get Adobe Acrobat, I would suggest another wonderful PDF converter for all of you.

Cisdem OCRWizard for Mac is powerful PDF solution that allows users to convert native or scanned PDF to Word, Text, Excel, PPT, Keynote, Pages, Rtfd, ePub, HTML, and image documents, as well as digitize text on images (JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF) with OCR technology.And it supports more than 40 languages supported for OCR text recognition, it undoubtedly is the most handy PDF OCR Converter for every Mac users. With OCRWizard, you can convert PDF to writable file on Mac easily. Now, you can try it for free.

Steps to convert PDF to writable on Mac:

Step 1. Click the “Free Download” button to start downloading OCRWizard 4, and then install and run it on your Mac.

Free download OCRWizard and convert PDF to writable on Mac right now >>

Step 2. Import your PDF file to OCRWizard.

import files to ocrwizardStep 3. Prepare for OCR

By default, an imported PDF will be under the OCR Preparation Mode. It is highly recommended if you are working on files with unreadable blurry pictures, since it allows you to manually tweak to guarantee the recognition accuracy. Next, select the OCR language. You can also refer to the manual and supported languages to find more operation details.

manually adjust the file for more accurate resultsStep 4. Process OCR

Press "Recognize” to select document type before OCR processing.  You will find every part of a loaded PDF or image is marked. Use the toolbars to adjust for expected outcome by refering to the manual.

process OCR to make PDF writable with OCRWizard 4Step 5. Export recognized PDF to be writable format.

Click to "Export" to save these files in the wanted format. Of course, you can specify the page range to export. 

export Directly make PDF writable on Mac

If you think that converting PDF to writable file is a bit of trouble, you can try to directly make PDF writable on Mac with third-party application, such as Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate for Mac. With this application, you can edit PDF file on Mac easily.

Actually, Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate is the tool enabling you to edit PDF files and manage files, like sign, split, combine, compress, even to annotate,highlight files to make it interactive. 

In addition, PDFManagerUltimate works as a PDF converter, allowing you to change PDF into multiple editable formats, include but not limited to Word, Excel, Text, PPT, Pages, HTML,etc.

And in my opion, the most suprising part of PDFManagerUltimate lies in its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, the ability to recognize text in 49 languages, and export your non-editable PDFs into a wide range of editable format(Word, Text, Excel, PPT, Keynote, Pages, Rtfd, ePub, HTML, image,etc)

Steps to make PDF writable on Mac:

Step 1. If you already installed PDFManagerUltimate on your Mac, please skip to step 2. If you haven't, you need to click “Free Download” button below to try this application for free. And then you should launch it on your Mac.

Free download PDFManagerUltimate and make PDF writable on Mac right now >>

Step 2. Next, you should import your PDF files to PDFManagerUltimate, you can select multiple PDF files at one time, and drag them into this application.

Step 3. Double click your PDF file to view its content, and then select “Edit” function on the top, go to editing interface. Just start to edit and annotate your PDF on Mac.

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