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How to Export Your Contacts from Gmail?

Gmail often helps us get the job done in a very short period. It has a succinct contact list interface that collects and stores e-mails on the Gmail servers. If you are going to export your Gmail contacts and don’t know where to begin, here is the right place. In this article, we will show you the step-by-step guides on how to export contacts from Gmail.

How to Export Gmail Contacts from Original Email Account?

Exporting contacts from Gmail is very important. In case you have something urgent and need keep Gmail contacts in touch, you should at least be able to access network connection. Otherwise, you have no chance to log into your Gmail account. In such case, the best solution is to export Gmail contacts.

  1. Sign in your Gmail account, you will see a Red “Gmail” button at the top left corner. Click the arrow down icon and choose Contacts from drop-down box.Export Gmail Contacts from Original Email Account Step 1
  2. Now you are at the Gmail contacts page. You can tick all or partial contacts by clicking the arrow down icon of the first box. Next, click “More” button and you will find “Export…” option from it.Export Gmail Contacts from Original Email Account Step 2
  3. You can export partial or all Gmail contacts. It's up to you. As for export format, please choose the one that best meets your needs. Finally, click the “Export” button and save file as a download box appears.Export Gmail Contacts from Original Email Account Step 3

Extended: Detailed introduction of three Gmail contacts export formats:

  • Google CSV format- If you need back up and export your Gmail contacts into another Google account, then you can use Google CSV format.
  • Outlook CSV format- If you intend to transfer contacts to Outlook, Hotmail, Mail, Yahoo, etc., you can try to export Gmail contacts to Outlook CSV format.
  • vCard format- To transfer contacts to Apple Address Book, iCloud, etc., you’d better choose output format as vCard.

How to Export Gmail Contacts with Mac Contact Manager?

If you are using multiple social accounts and looking for more functions, I recommend you try out Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac to manage and export Gmail contacts. It is a reputable and smart contact manager that enables you to sync contacts from major social accounts, like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Meanwhile, it helps you delete duplicate contacts and fix contacts errors.

Download the Free Trial of Cisdem ContactsMate Now!

Step 1. Launch the program and choose “Add Account” button

Install and open this Cisdem Gmail contacts exporter tool. In the main interface, click “Add Account” button at the menu bar.

Export Gmail Contacts with Mac Contact Manager Step 1

Step 2. Sync contacts from Gmail

You will be redirected to a new interface. At this time, click on “Google” in the list and sign into your account. Afterwards, you need tick “Contacts” option to sync Gmail contacts to this program.Export Gmail Contacts with Mac Contact Manager Step 2

Step 3. Export contacts from Gmail

The last thing you’ll need to do is exporting contacts from Gmail. Once you’ve backed to the main window, hit the “Export” button located at the upper portion of your screen.

In the new pop up window, click “Options” button to choose the output format. Note that CSV, Docx, Excel, Numbers, Pagers, TXT, vCard and Html are supported.

Export Gmail Contacts with Mac Contact Manager Step 3

Final Words- More Features of Cisdem ContactsMate

Gmail contacts assist you to keep in close touch with your families, friends and companions. As you know, that exporting contacts from Gmail setting has limitations and is no further help. But with using Mac contact management software, you can easily organize and export Gmail contacts.

More Features of Contact Manager:

  • Make groups and manage contacts with a label
  • Import and export contacts with one click
  • Edit, share, back up contacts freely
  • Quickly find what you want with Search function

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