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How to Export Contacts from Mac?

Recently, my friend, a lovely woman, she got stuck with exporting Contacts from Mac. She wanted to export Mac contacts and sync with Gmail, but she had no idea what she should do. I think there are some Mac users who may have the same confusion, So this article here aims to share a wonderful address book exporter which helps you export contacts to CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, etc. form Mac. (Note: versions prior to 10.8 used address books instead of Contacts.)

Method 1 of 2: Exporting Mac contacts by using Apple Contacts

Apple Contacts is the built-in Mac Contacts app, which also can export Mac contacts, but it will only export Contacts as VCards. You know, common spreadsheets or databases can't handle VCards so there's no easy way to get your Contacts into Excel or Numbers. Surely, if you only want to export Apple contacts so that you can back up, Apple Contacts can meet your demand.

Step 1: Open the Contacts on your Mac.

Step 2: Select the contact list you would like to export.

Step 3: Go to File > Export > Export VCards.

Step 4: Save the file wherever you would like to save.

Method 2 of 2: Exporting Mac contacts by using Cisdem ContactsMate

Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac is a contact management software for Mac that will help Mac user to analyzes, reports, and fixes dozens of problems with OS X Contacts and it also can export Mac contacts to CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages format for easy Contacts back up or sync. So Mac users can backup contacts or sync with a variety of popular platforms including Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.

Step 1: Download Cisdem ContactsMate and launch it on your Mac.

Download Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac >>

Step 2: Sync with your Contacts on your Mac.

The first time you using Cisdem ContactsMate, it will sync all your contacts, After syncing with your OS X Contacts you can also manage your Contacts by adding groups and contacts members, you can also scan the whole Contacts, go to merge duplicates or remove other conflicts in your Contacts databases.

Step 3: Export the Contacts you want.

Cisdem ContactsMate now supports to export the whole OS X Contacts or the contacts member and groups you want to export, to export the whole Contacts you just need to click Export All in the top bar and choose the format from the list.

To export member or groups you just need right click on the members or groups you want to export and right click to choose the target location for them.

Step 4: Save the file wherever you would like to save.

So, have you learned how to export contacts from Mac? If you want to know more details about Cisdem Contacts Manager, you can click the hyperlink of it, you know, the feature of Cisdem Contacts Manager is much more than exporting. As for how to use this application, you can refer to “What is the Best Contact Manager for Mac”, this article will give you a guide.

Download Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac >>

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