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How to Digitally Sign a PDF on Mac for Free?

After having received a PDF document by email, you need to spend time on signing - printing out the file, signing with a missing pen, scanning the signed document and eventually sending it back by e-mail. What a boring task! Let me tell you how to digitally sign a PDF on Mac with a free PDF signer!

Step 1:

Download the FREE Cisdem PDFSigner.

Step 2:

Import the PDF to sign and click "Stamp" to create the signature with either your mouse or trackpad.

Step 3:

Save and move the stamp to the place where you want to insert the signature.

Next time to sign, you can just click "Add Image" to directly import the signature saved.

2015-07-23 05:00:29 / Posted by to PDF Editor Mac Follow @ Rosa

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  • Ben A

    Really get tired of flying to another city for signing on Agreement. Digital signature works too and now I can save a lot of time on business travel.

    1 years ago REPLY

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