FLV to DVD Converter: How to Convert FLV to DVD with Menu Templates on Mac?

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“I have some file conversion software and Imgburn but sick of messing with it. Very simply, I want to transfer FLV video to DVD in the proper DVD format (playable on a standard DVD player). Maybe I can do it with the programs above but not have any luck. I would just as soon buy (or not) one program that will do it all. Please, if anyone can suggest a simple -- just a few clicks program that will get the job done, I'd appreciate it.” From Mister.

Flash Video is mostly known as FLV. It is widely used on online video-sharing services such as YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many other video websites. If you are a video fan, you might come across a problem that your downloaded FLV videos almost occupy 80% of computer storage and your Mac runs at a low speed. So how to speed up your Mac becomes the primary problem you need to solve. The solution is to convert FLV files to DVD to back up these data. Here we will recommend an FLV to DVD converter named Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac.

What is FLV video format?

FLV, its full name is Flash Video, which is a container file format used to deliver video over the Internet. Flash Video content may also be embedded within SWF files. There are two different video file formats known as Flash Video: FLV and F4V. Both formats are supported in Adobe Flash Player and developed by Adobe Systems. FLV was originally developed by Macromedia. The audio and video data within FLV files are encoded in the same manner as they are within SWF files. The F4V file format is based on the ISO base media file format and is starting with Flash Player 9 update 3.

How to Convert FLV to DVD with Menu Templates on Mac?

Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac is a professional DVD authoring software with DVD menu templates. It allows you to burn any video format to DVD. It also enables you to edit videos with DVD menu templates, add background audio to your video, add subtitles or watermarks, and so on. With Cisdem FLV to DVD converter, you can make stylish and customized DVDs that are playable on any DVD/BD player. You can download the free Mac version to convert FLV to DVD, below we will show you steps to convert FLV to DVD.

Free Download

Cisdem DVD Burner is an easy-to-use software, so you can convert FLV to DVD easily and quickly. Just follow the steps to make a personalized DVD.

Step 1. Run the software and import your FLV videos

The first thing you need to make sure of is that you have downloaded the software and run it. Then insert a blank DVD and run Cisdem FLV to DVD converter, the main interface will pop up. And click the button to add your FLV videos.

Convert FLV to DVD with Menu Templates on Mac Step One

Step 2. Edit your FLV video with a built-in editor

Click under the FLV video and an editing window will appear. You can crop and rotate your video to get better visual effects. You also can edit your video by adding audio tracks, subtitles, watermarks, or chapters to customize your video.

Convert FLV to DVD with Menu Templates on Mac Step Two

Step 3. Choose free DVD menu templates

Click the "Menu" tab at the top to customize your DVD. There are different styles of built-in templates, frames, and buttons for you to choose from. You can even add text, audio files, and background images to customize the menu.

Convert FLV to DVD with Menu Templates on Mac Step Three

Step 4. Preview after you edit the menu

Once you completed editing the menu, you might want to preview the whole DVD. To do that, you need to click to activate the previewing window, and the DVD menu exhibits on the left screen.

Convert FLV to DVD with Menu Templates on Mac Step Four

Step 5. Start to convert FLV to DVD

You can click burn button to make the app ready for burning DVDs for you and you can choose whether to export the project to a DVD, a folder, or just as an ISO file. To make the output file properly work on your device, you also need to pick out the TV standard, playback mode, folder path, and copies number in the final section.

Convert FLV to DVD with Menu Templates on Mac Step Five

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