How to Choose Image Recovery Software for Mac: The Ultimate Guide

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Memory cards such as memory stick are widely used for image storage. Take myself as an example. I used to storing my images of different formats in my USB memory sticks. However, I have accidentally lost the images twice and forgot to back up them. It was at these times when I found it’s hard to find a comprehensive and powerful memory stick recovery tool to get all my images back. In this article, I’d like to take memory stick recovery as an example to introduce for Mac users on how to choose best image recovery software for memory card data recovery. Before that, you’ll be guided to learn about different image file formats firstly.

Note: Memory Stick (MS card in short) is a kind of mobile Flash Memory device released by Sony in October, 1998. It now becomes more and more popular for the temporary storage and transfer of large amounts of electronic data.

Part I. Learn about image file formats

My friends, have you noticed the extensions of your images in memory stick? Most of us disregard it, thinking there is no significance regarding these image formats. However, if you lost the files, it is necessary for you to recall which file format your lost images in so that you can find the suitable image recovery software on your Mac.

As a matter of fact, there are many widely-used image formats and we may get confused. File extensions like JEPG, BMP, GIF and more can be seen after an image’s file name. Generally speaking, the most important for web and computer graphics, are JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and PNG. JPEG is the most popular among the image formats used on the web. They are used in different applications according to their special features. Let’s take some examples: JPEG files are very lossy, meaning so much information is lost from the original image when you save it in JPEG file. JPEG image are usually not as sharp as the original images; Digital cameras and web pages normally use JPG files, since JPG heroically compresses the data to be very much smaller in the file; GIF is most suitable for graphics, diagrams, cartoons and logos with relatively few colors. GIF is still the chosen format for animation effects; PNG, specifically designed for the web, can support 24 bit RGB color images, gray-scale images, both with and without alpha channels.

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Part II. How to choose the best image recovery software for mac

After we have got some basic knowledge on image file formats, we can then go on talking about choosing the best image recovery software on Mac. All in all, you’re suggested to take the following factors into consideration.

1.Take your image file formats into consideration.

When you find from the Internet about image recovery software, a lot of tools can be found with ease. However, if you compare them carefully, you’ll realize that many of them can only support several image file formats. The JPEG format is a good example. Along with the wide spread of JPEG pictures, the phenomenon of JPEG picture losses takes place more and more frequently.But, there are a lot of mac data recovery software cannot be used to recover JPEG files. There are also some tools can be available to recover JPG files.

2.The image loss reasons make sense.

In order to get the bottom of your problem, it is necessary for us to learn about some common causes behind the deletion or loss of image files in memory stick card and then judge what functions you need when choosing Mac image recovery software.

A. Improper operations like abrupt removal of memory stick from your mac during file transfer can lead to loss of photos from the hard drive.

B. Image loss can happen when you format your storage devices.

C. Interruptions when using third-party tool to convert the image file formats such JEPG to PNG may also result in image loss in your memory stick card.

D. Storage devices are highly prone to file system corruption and then lost files due to some reasons like malware infection, hardware malfunction, etc.

Sometimes, you select a device and format it which contain various media files instead of other drive can leads to loss photos or other media files from various storage devices.

3.Take a look at official website and the testimonials page.

The customer reviews page of product page speak a great deal about the software, especially some reviews from famous review sites in the industry like SOFTPEDIA. You can easily know about the reviews from the previous clients of the company. According to the experts, an excellent website separates the best from the rest. You can also read the company website carefully to judge whether the software provider is reliable or not.

So which tool is the best image recovery from memory stick?

As far as I am concerned, Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac is definitely a wonderful choice! It comes with advanced features developed for the exclusive purpose of recovering images from any drive in an easy-to-use interface. This software can scan any Mac-based card without destroying the data to bring back things like messages, emails, photos, documents, music, videos and archive files. What’s more, it is designed to be risk-free and it executes the scan and recovery processes extremely fast. You can also learn more about picture recovery tips in “How to recover deleted picture on Mac” and top data recovery software comparisons in “3 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac”.

Now, have a free try!

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  • 111Simard

    Hi, this sounds like a pretty useful program - my question is that I accidentally deleted over 3000 pictures but I'm not sure what formats they are. Can it workable to all pic formats? Besides, it seems the free trial doesn't workable at all. What's wrong?

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  • Rose Reyes

    Hi, 111Simard. Cisdem DataRecovery can recover lost image of any format. Besides, you can download the trial version of the program to scan your lost files and after you registered at a low cost, it will help recover the images in minutes.

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  • Lenon Powell

    Indeed. I lost my jpeg files in iPhoto and download an application only to find it's useless. I tried your mentioned data recovery app. Luckily, it's workable!

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  • Dufour57

    It's true that images may get corrupted when transferring them from one format to another. It happened to me when I tried to get all my jepg files into png. It is really annoying. Be careful!

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