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Why and How to Deal with Hard Disk Failure on Mac?

What’s your first thoughts when you encounter with hard disk failure? The data! I believe many of us will think of the precious files stored in the disk, maybe, the photos taken on your wedding anniversary or some important recording files from seminar. No double, backing up data in hard disks is of great importance to help get lost files and folders back in case of accidental deletion or?hard disk?formatting. Sadly, we are usually not careful to take backup until the data get lost one day. Then, how should we deal with recovery HD Mac

Check whether it is really a hard disk failure or not firstly...

Sometimes, you think it might be a hard disk failure and you spare no efforts looking for solutions only to find some of the following items are not in case. 

  • The data cable isn’t properly connected to the drive.
  • The power cable isn’t properly connected to the drive.
  • The ribbon cable isn’t aligned properly. Red edge of the cable should be aligned with Pin 1 of the connector on the drive. 
  • Master/slave assignment isn’t correctly set if this is an IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) drive.


Not all lost hard disk data can be recovered on Mac! 

Hard disk failure is more common than you might think as shown in the screenshot. “Every week, 140,000 hard drives crash in the US”. Another reality is, hard disk failure isn't easy to repair, and the resulting lost data can be difficult to restore. In other words, considering different situations, it’s impossible to say whether you’ll get back all of the data from your failed hard disk.

Causes of hard disk failure and solutions to recovery HD Mac..

Mechanical Failure

Warning Signs: 
There are some some strange noises like grinding, clicking or screeching. Sometimes, many files and folders will be invisible. The system go frozen or black screen can also be symptoms. 

Mechanical failure occurs when the read-write head or other components become faulty as a result of normal wear and tear. Virus attack can erase hard disk data, alter hard disk operation or make the system files corrupt.

You’re suggested to update your antivirus program and system regularly. Besides, in order to recover the disk, you may need to find specialist to open up and check the inside of your hard disk. 

Logical Corruption

Warning Signs: 
Many signs can occur like disappearing data, disk errors, computer crashes or frequent freezing. 

It can be resulted from logical failure, including malware infections, human error and corrupted files. Sometimes the failure can be extensive enough that the system will not boot up.

Logical failure is relatively easy to deal with. ?Do not try to reinstall system or run the useless operating system tools. It is sensible for you to get some powerful data recovery software for the recovery HD Mac, such as, Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac. Its interface is very brief and intuitive, users can learn to use it easily to recover data from hard drive on Mac in minutes. It can help retrieve your lost valuable data, documents, videos, music, archives, photos, and lost partitions back from lost, deleted, formatted, logical corrupted internal or external hard disk.

Electronic Failure

Warning Signs: 
When your system BIOS can’t detect the hard disk, disk knocking as the motor fails to spin or even doesn’t spin up, you need suspect it to be electronic failure. At times, sudden startup failure can also be a sign. 

If an electronic failure happens, it usually involves damage to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), the “middleman” between the hard disk and the computer in hard disk.?The reason for electronic failure is that the UPS aren’t able to deliver the required power supply, either too high too low. 

You can try to use some good-quality UPS to solve this problem. If necessary, get the UPS changed in a computer repair shop. Besides, make sure your system hardware is getting the exact power supply needed for normal running. 

Firmware Corruption

Warning Signs: 
The hard disk is not recognized or incorrectly recognized by your Mac even when the hard disk is spinning when powered up. If the system fails to boot or hang in mid of the booting process, this also indicates a firmware corruption.

This type of hard disk failure usually happen after buying a hard disk for a short time. It is likely that the manufacturers had delivered the fault or defective disk. 

You can contact the hard disk manufacturer and ask for after-sale as the disk is still in warranty.?However, the data may get lost even if you change it into a new one. Therefore, if it is not logical damaged, try a hard drive recovery software for Mac. 

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