Best Halloween Party Games for Kids and Adults

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For sure, Halloween party games, the essential part of Halloween party, can liven up the atmosphere without costing extra money. Kids like to play games, and adults are no exception. If you are looking some Halloween party games for kids and adults, this post may lend you a hand. Move forward to know the best Halloween party game ideas.

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Best Halloween Party Games for Kids

Joy and excitement are always the theme of Halloween. At this time, kids can’t wait to wear fancy dresses and play the classic Halloween games. Apparently, Halloween brings great happiness to kids.

1. Mummify

In this Halloween party game, kids should dress up like a mummy. They would be divided into two or three groups. Each group distributes enough toilet paper and then through finger-guessing game to decide who will be dressed up as a mummy. When time is over, which group dressed up like the mummy, which group is the winner of this game.

Best Halloween Party Games for Kids- Mummify

2. Guess Candies

Kids love candies by nature. In this Halloween party game, each jar was filled with a variety of candies. Kids should guess how many candies in each jar. The closer the numbers come, the more likely they are to win. Next, kids need write down their name and numbers of candies. Game master would announce the result. The prize of the winner is candy and candy jars.

Best Halloween Party Games for Kids- Guess Candies

3. Bobbing for Apples

Fill two-thirds of the water with a tub and float some clean apples in it. Kids should catch an apple with their teeth. To ensure the fairness of this Halloween party game, participants have to put hands on the back. So they can't touch the apple with hands. Finally, pay attention to use a dry towel to wipe face after the game.

Best Halloween Party Games for Kids- Bobbing for Apples

Best Halloween Party Games for Adults

Halloween is not only a holiday for kids, but also equally significant for all Adults. Actually, there are plenty of Halloween party games for adults. Here we list two simple ones.

1. Video Drinking Game

Play some horror videos in Halloween party. If someone screams out or closes eyes, then he or she would drink a glass of wine as punishment. Finally, counting the glasses in front of you. Who has the fewest glasses and who will win the Halloween party game.

Best Halloween Party Games for Adults- Video Drinking Game

2. Hunting Spiders

In this Halloween party game, game master should hide the plastic spiders in advance. After the game starts, participants go to find all hidden spiders. Of course, you can add some special spiders with different colors. People who find these spiders would get special rewards. When the time is over, participant with the most spiders wins.

Video Drinking Game- Hunting Spiders

3. Finish My Horror Story

Before you send out your invitations, writing down the beginning of a horror story. Everyone who receives an invitation needs to keep writing the story and think up an ending. At Halloween party day, guests should share their horror stories. Anyone who shares the most brilliant story deserves a prize.

Best Halloween Party Games for Adults- Finish My Horror Story

Best Halloween Google Online Games

Can't think of any creative Halloween party game ideas? Perhaps you can choose to play the Halloween Google online games. Just search the keyword on Internet, many results will be showed up.

1. Math Play

Online math games are quite popular during holiday. Great Halloween math games can improve kids’ interest in learning math. At Math Play website, you are able to find multitudinous Halloween online math games that are organized by grade level, game type and content.

Best Halloween Google Online Games- Math Play

2. Primary Games

This site includes a huge list of Halloween online games for kids, such as Ghost Hunt, Zombie Typing, Cute Pumpkin Head, Monster Island, Candy Magic, etc. At Halloween party, kids can play these online games on iPad, iPhone, Android or other electronic devices.

Best Halloween Google Online Games- Primary Games

3. MaFa

It includes 160 Halloween Google online games for kids. The design of the whole MaFa website is more suitable for girls. They can play Gill's Halloween Customs, Halloween Extreme Makeover, Monster High Halloween House, Color Girls Halloween Hairstyles, etc. Halloween online games here.

Best Halloween Google Online Games- MaFa


Halloween is bound to leave a lot of happy memories. To save the recorded holiday videos forever, you can make a DVD by Cisdem DVD Burner. This software is able to help you keep the scene of playing Halloween party games with a DVD. At last, I wish you all having a safe and happy Halloween.

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