How to Group Contacts for Easy Email Sending on Mac

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The other day I came across the following questions on a forum.

how to send email to all contacts on my Mac?
Is there any method other than add one email address at a time?

When we want to send email to all contacts on Mac, it’s troublesome to type each each email address one by one. Is there a way to quickly send group emails on Mac without having to manually input multiple recipients? Definitely yes. First of all, we need to create a contact group, add relevant contacts into each group and organize our contacts by categories so that we ca send email to all contacts of a group easily on Mac.

Built-in Mac Contacts Can Help

Most of us would prefer to Mac build-in Contacts to hold and manage all of our contacts information. This contact manager app is included in every Mac OS X and can help manage your current address book, personal organizer, or business card collection. Here I want to briefly introduce how to make a contact group with Mac Contacts Address Book by following.

1. Open on Mac, and select File> New Group at the top Menu bar. A new "untitle group" will appears under the "All Contacts".

2. Make a descriptive name for this new group.

3. Drag relevant contacts to this new group.

Though there is no doubt that Mac Contacts is a popular contact manager for Mac where you keep contact information for your family, friends, and anyone else you want to keep track of, it does have some disadvantages as we may be bothered.

  • Mac Contacts' group interface is not use-friendly. Lots of handling have to be done on the top Menu bar. And it includes some functions that are not often used, that makes it a little complex.
  • It can't do more advanced screening conditions except of merge and looking for duplicates. We need to find an alternative app to replace Mac Contacts.

The Best Mac Contacts Alternative to Group Contacts on Mac

Here I want to recommend Cisdem ContactsMate to solve what Contacts Address Book can't do. Cisdem contacts manager for Mac is designed with eye-catching yet intuitive interface, you can scan, export, analyzes, group and fixes dozens of problems.

Step 1. Launch the downloaded contact manager, you will see pretty nice and intuitive interface. Once you run the app, it will ask you to allow access to sync with Contacts, by this way all of your Contacts will be showed on the ContactsMate right away. Any enter can be synced between both contact manager apps.

Free Download

Download Cisdem ContactsMate free trial version

Step 2. Search and Fix the Error Contacts

Before we go to group contacts, check and fix our Contacts is necessary. Some of them are in wrong typing, duplicate mail-box, name, address, phone number, invalid characters, unusual title and suffix, etc. Cisdem contact manager app can help you detect and screen them out.

Click "Cisdem ContactsMate" on menu bar and then select "Preferences", the window with 14 conflicts appears. You can easily modified and edit the wrong name cards to ensure the contacts accuracy. All the questionable contacts are showed on the left column under each conditions.

Step 3. Make Contacts Groups

  1. Create a new "untitled group" with clicking "+" at the bottom of the first column. Give a name to this group, like "Colleagues".
  2. Create sub-group. Click the first group "Colleagues", it turns blue, and then click the "+" again, a new group appears under the group “Colleagues". If you want to create more sub-group, conduct this way as many as you like.
  3. Sort out those relevant contacts into its group. Just press "Command" and drag-n-drop those contacts into "Colleagues". It works pretty easily as a pie.

You are able to save the selected groups into 8 output formats in Contacts Exporter: CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers and Pages for your multiple usages. Click the "Colleagues", and right-click it to choose the "Export", and an output window pops up for you to choose and save this contact group as you like.

Know More Things about Grouping Contacts for Mail Sending on Mac

1. Why it's necessary to clean up your contacts before grouping them

Well, believe or not, it will save your a lot of further troubles. Duplicate contacts, for example, may result in missing business opportunity. You may contact your potential customer and send him an email. However, the customer blames you for not replying him and wants to cancel your business relations the next day. And you finally realize that you get the wrong email address because of the duplicate name of your customer and your friend.

Whenever you begin your group or manage your contacts, try to clean up your contacts and fix the duplicates, incomplete info or other conflicts. That is also the reason why prefer Cisdem ContactsMate than the built-in Contacts. It helps find questionable Contacts with 14 conflicts, such as, duplicate names, duplicate address, invalid characters, blank name, etc.

2. After you've made groups for contacts, how to use them for Email Sending?

Now that you've created the groups you need, you can go to Mail to create a new message to certain group. Here we make a group named "Colleagues" using Cisdem ContactsMate and show you how to send email to all contacts on Mac in the "Colleagues" group.

cisdem contactsmate all contacts

After you opened the Mail app on Mac to create a new email message, just enter into "Colleagues" in the To field. You'll then see all the members in this group are added by one click.

Quite easy to send email to all contacts on Mac, isn't it? Have a try!

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