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Everyone will ask for some help when he or she requires some documents style, such as invoice, business plan, employment application, performance review, partnership agreement, etc, especially for some workplace newbie. You know, not everyone knows that how to write those things, so do I. At this time, some templates are particularly important, which will give us a hand. I usually search some template in the internet, they usually exist in PDF formats. This blog contains 5 free PDF template, I found them on other sites, and all of them have the highest downloads. Share those PDF templates for Mac users and hope that will help you and save you time.

Invoice Template

Sometimes, enterprises are required to offer Commercial Invoices to customers. Some people may not know the format of a professional Commercial Invoices, but don't worry, it is easy to create an interactive PDF Commercial Invoice from the template. Click here to know more details and download template.

Business Plan

When you boss ask you to draw up a business plan, can you answer that you are not good at it? The business plan consists of a narrative and several financial worksheets. As for a newbie, making it by yourself seems a bit difficult. The narrative template is the body of the business plan, with it, you can complete the task easily. Click here to know more details and download template.

Employment Application

For job seeker, to find an excellent job, an impressive Application is necessary. But I think there are some people don’t know what kind of application is impressive, they may add something unnecessary on their application. This template will give you some advice to make stylish Job Application Form. Click here to know more details and download template.

Performance Review

As usual, business will determine employee’s work depending on his or her performance, which means that HR needs to make a Performance Review to test employee. Well, it’s nothing difficult, this template will give your some inspiration, and you can modify some content to suit your business. Click here to know more details and download template.

General Partnership Agreement

Cooperating with the other party usually needs to sign a partnership agreement, many people may have doubt with partnership agreement. This template contains many details, which may supply a good guide for you. Click here to know more details and download template.


All of above mentioned are provided in PDF formats for all of you, you can click the document and download it. If you want to use them directly, you can preview PDF and print them, of course, an application to open PDF files is essential. If you want to modify template and add some private thing to it, you may need to convert PDF to word, and then you can do anything you want to do. When I use those templates, I always convert them to word so that I can change them, PDFManagerUltimate helps me a lot, because I need more than preview. PDFManagerUltimate give me a complete PDF solution, preview, editing, converting and so on.

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