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Four Easy Ways to Backup Your Video on Summer Holiday

Many people have problems in backing up data including pictures, videos, audios, etc. According to a survey by disaster recovery firm Acronis, four out of five people have lost files on their computers, yet 64 percent back up their hard drives only every two to three months, some even less frequently. Summer holiday is around the corner, people may have more recorded videos to backup in this time period. In order to help users backup video correctly on Mac, this article will recommend you some easy ways to accomplish it on summer holiday.

Option one: Video-sharing websites

Video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion allow users to upload their own videos. You have to create an account before you upload your video.If you don’t want your video to be public, you can edit it as privacy. You can also upload your videos to share with your friends.

Advantage: With your own video-sharing website’s account, you can watch your video on every computer. Social network services make video sharing an more interesting mission.

Disadvantage: Every time you wanna watch your video, you need to connect internet.And the formats of video are limited. So you have to convert your video to the format video-sharing websites supported before you upload.

Option two: The cloud

If you have a moderate amount of video (15-50 gigabytes) and want access to your files anywhere and everywhere, consider the cloud-based approach. When you use the cloud, your Mac communicates with a network of servers. A bunch of companies offer automatic and continuous cloud backup services. Some of my favorites include Mozy, CrashPlan and Carbonite. As long as you’re comfortable with each service’s data limitations, storage fees, and customer service, you simply need to pick the provider that meets your goals and budget.

Advantage: The cloud is the easiest way to backup videos. As long as you have access to the internet, your videos are just a few clicks away.

Disadvantage: However, if you have a lot of large video files, a cloud-only solution will not work for you because the upload times for hundreds of gigabytes will totally consume your bandwidth.

Option three: External hard drive

Another popular option for personal backup is an external hard drive. External hard drive is used for storing and retrievingdigital information.You just connect a hard drive to your computer and run software that stores a mirror image of your data. I recommend this backup option to folks who work with or store extremely large files.

Advantage: With external hard drive, you can backup extremely large videos without limitation or obstacles. Videos can be transported easily from one place to another.

Disadvantage: The external device is usually located beside or near the computer. So, if the disaster is physical in nature, like a basement flood, you’ve lost both your computer and your backup.

Option four: A DVD burner software-Burn videos to DVD

Burning videos to DVD is another option for you to backup videos. Here will recommend you a DVD burning software named Cisdem DVDBurner for Mac to burn your videos to DVD. The process of burning videos to DVD is simple and easy to operate. With Cisdem DVDBurner, you can burn videos in any format to DVD with ease. Here is an example of burning videos to DVD:steps to burn WMV to DVD on Mac.

Download Cisdem DVDBurner to burn videos to DVD>>

Advantage: You not only can watch your videos on Mac, but also you can do that on any DVD/BD player without connecting internet. And it’s very easy to copy from one computer to another.

Disadvantage: DVDs are fragile, once the DVDs are destroyed, you can’t find the data back. So you have to keep them in safe place.

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