How to Find and Delete Duplicate Zip Files and Other Archives on Mac

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Finding duplicate zip files is not as easy as finding duplicate photos on Mac. Unlike photos, zip files and other archives contain numerous other files encoded and scattered everywhere in sub-folders. Even if you use Finder to find your zip files with same name, same size, you still have to open each zip file to check its contents individually and decide which ones to remove. And it’s tedious and time-consuming. So in this article, let’s use a quick way to find and remove duplicate zip files and other archives on Mac.

About zip and archives

Zip is the most commonly used archive file format which may contain one or more compressed files. It is supported by almost all file compression utilities. Even companies like Microsoft use it as a built-in file format to compress personal documents. Archives like zip file make it easy to keep related files together and make transporting, emailing, downloading and storing data faster and more efficient. Other common archive formats include RAR, TAR, 7-zip, dmg, ZIPX, XZ, and SIT etc.

Benefits of removing duplicate zip and archive files

Why so many users want to remove duplicate zip and archive files? Because there are many benefits you can get.

  • Clean-up the mess on your Mac to help you get rid of unwanted files and stuff.
  • Recover a large portion of your Mac hard drive consumed by unnecessary files
  • Speed up your Mac and restore the lost performance
  • Make your Mac apps run faster and smoother
  • Prevent your Mac from freezing/lagging, taking longer time to boot
  • Save time in organizing files stored on your Mac

How to find and delete duplicate zip files and other archives on Mac

Manually finding and deleting duplicate zip and other archive files can take a significant period of time. And archive files containing some same compressed contents with different names make it even more difficult to compare data from different archive files. But there is a quicker and easier way for you to get rid of them; all you need is a duplicate file finder like Cisdem DuplicateFinder for Mac.

Cisdem DuplicateFinder for Mac is one of the best duplicate file finders and effortlessly overcomes the drawback of manual scanning because of its fast scanning speed and advanced MD5 value checksum algorithm. It offers various features for its users.

  • Its advanced checksum algorithm lets you find duplicate contents inside every archive file.
  • Also allows you to find duplicate images, videos, music, documents, packages etc.
  • Supports scanning entire hard disk or its different partitions, multiple folders or apps like iPhotos and iTunes in one click.
  • Intelligently scans archive files with similar names, contents.
  • Displays the results in both pie chart and tab view.
  • Lets you preview files with Quick Look before removing.
  • Move duplicate archive files to Trash or delete them permanently.
  • Has simple and user friendly interface.

Providing smart scanning algorithms, the program has the ability to find true duplicates based on file content. The program is designed to help you delete duplicates in batches so that you can regain valuable free space. The utility has a simple, clear-cut, and intuitive interface.

Above is a review on Cisdem DuplicateFinder from Mac Informer’s senior editor Loana Dumitrescu. You can free download Cisdem DuplicateFinder for Mac below and try it on your Mac. The trial version only allows you to find duplicate archives and you would be surprised to find so many duplicate archive files with Cisdem DuplicateFinder.

Free Download

Follow these steps to remove unwanted duplicate archives on your Mac:

  1. Run Cisdem DuplicateFinder on your Mac, then you will see the main interface as below screen. You can directly drag one or multiple folders containing duplicate zip files to the app or click “+” button to choose your folders or an entire hard drive. If you want to find duplicate file more than 100MB or other size, click the gear like icon on the top right. The flexible scanning settings allow you to find duplicate files at ease. Then click “Scan” icon to starting scanning process. This app will show the scanning results in real-time. Wait till the process ends.
  2. After scanning, click “Show Results”. This app will all found duplicate files in both pie chart and tab view. And it intelligently classify all duplicate files into 7 categories including Documents, Images, Music, Videos, Archives, Packages and Others.
  3. Navigate to “Archive” tab, you can search duplicate files with keyword and sort files in Size, Type, Name and File Count easily. Also preview files with its built-in Quick Look feature to decide which one to remove. Then select the ones manually or click “Select All” and hit “Delete” to remove duplicate archives.

Video tutorial to find and remove duplicate files on Mac

To sum up, Cisdem DuplicateFinder provides you with an easy solution to free up Mac space by removing useless archives and other duplicate files.

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