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FFmpeg Alternative: Easily Convert Any Video Formats on Mac

FFmpeg is a free refined piece of conversion tool for Windows and Linux and it is a command-line tool that allows you to convert virtually any video and audio formats to another format. There is a method to run FFmpeg on Mac, you can compile FFmpeg with the open-source files but it’s very difficult for users to use on Mac and not so user-friendly. Is there a better alternative for Mac to FFmpeg? Here we will introduce you a better FFmpeg alternative converter named Mac Video Converter to substitute for FFmpeg and help you convert any videos on Mac OS X.

What does This FFmpeg Alternative for Mac Excel at

1.Convert Any Video Formats to Other Formats

This FFmpeg alternative software(Cisdem Video Converter) can easily convert HD/SD videos from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. It also converts audio like MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, FLAC, etc to any other audio format on Mac. It can also extract audio from video files.

Cisdem Video Converter’s input file supported are listed as below:

FFmpeg’s input file supported:

In conclusion, FFmpeg doesn’t support DVD video files but the FFmpeg alternative does. With the FFmpeg alternative converter, you have no problems in converting any formats.

2. Fastest Conversion Speed

The conversion speed is an important factor in evaluating the performance of the software. WIth Mac Video Converter, video is converted as rapidly as possible. Some formats even processed 56x faster than any video converters.

3. Make 2D videos into 3D

3D videos make our life more miraculous. If you like watching 3D videos to enjoy wonderful movie effects, Cisdem Video Converter will be the best option for you to convert 2D videos to 3D without any quality loss. You can edit and add 3D effects to your video.

4.Output Video with Highest Quality

With this FFmpeg alternative, you have no worry about the quality of your converted videos or audios. Cisdem Video Converter for Mac supports lossless conversion, it converts any video format without damaging the quality of your videos.If you don’t believe it, why not have a try?

5.Personalize Your Video with Edit Features

You may find that many free video converters have no edit features. With Cisdem Video Converter, you can trim, crop, and rotate your video. You also can add subtitles and watermarks to personalize your videos. Adding background music is very easy, just load your audio files.

6.An all-powerful Video Converter with other useful features

Cisdem VideoConverter is an all-powerful Video Converter, it has other useful features to give users more joys. You can check the screen-shot below to get more features of this FFmpeg alternative.

How to Convert Videos with This FFmpeg Alternative

Cisdem Video Converter can help you convert videos with no quality loss. Here we will tell you how to convert videos with this FFmpeg alternative. With these steps, you will find it’s very easy to use and you can easily and quickly convert your videos.

Step 1: Import your video files or download videos

Step 2: Choose your output format and get ready for converting

Step 3: Edit your videos and customize output settings

Step 4: Preview you videos with the built-in media player and start to convert

Cisdem Video Converter is easier than FFmpeg for you to use on Mac. Just have a try to download the free Mac version to start your video converting process.


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