DVD Burning Troubleshootings: Top 7 DVD Burning Problems You Should Know and Avoid

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"I've wasted hours trying to do this today and have now given up! Please bear with me, this is the first time I've ever tried to download and burn anything!"

We often have to face those DVD burning failure because of subjective factors, but we still meet some burning trouble that hinders our happy burning, if you aren't careful, a bad burn could still happen, leaving us an annoying day.

You may spend a lot of effort on searching and downloading a DVD burning tool, yet it helps burn a video into a disc with blurring the visual image, and choking sound, I can understand your mood at that moment. And I can also imagine how you feel upset about the Mac crashed and goes system halted, while you are to finally burn with the last step. Oh, No, don’t be so annoyed, you can control those situations and never let them happen on your Mac, only if know well what DVD burning issues we may meet before starting DVD burning tasks, we can keep it happened with a zero probability, and totally avoid those potential situations.

I’ve listed five burning common issues that you should pay much attention to, and know well about how to avoid those mistakes to get the best DVD burning experience.

Burning DVD Problems 1. Worse Media Files Original Quality to Burn

You can imagine that you sit down in front of the TV and show your families to watch your DVD works, but the scene is that you all get blurring video and choking sound. I think nothing is more embarrassing than that.

So the first factor we should list is that you should ensure the media files original quality, HD video is better.

Burning DVD Problems 2. The Chosen Burning Software Unsatisfying Performance

Good tools are essential things. It decides your working effect, and the result. Burning DVD is no exception. With the intense pressure to get products out the door in a competitive market, your burner's firmware or software bundle may not have been exactly perfect when you bought it. Some freeware tools comes with ads, virus, etc., and some works pretty slow on Mac.

Related: Here I recommend Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac, it has more useful functions but less steps to master than iDVD, runs fast on Mac, and offers intuitive interface and easy-to-use working flow. It has been highly reputed by lots of social medias, and become more and more welcome. All of your DVD burning requirements can be met, like preview and watch video, make a nice DVD menu, edit and fine-tune video effects, and some interesting yet customization, etc.

Come to download its free trial version on Mac, you would feel happy and lucky to get this best DVD burner software.

Free Download

- At least 1 GB of RAM
- A blank disc
-Video files or playlist that is within the limit for burning to disc, the disc volume (DVD5 or DVD9) supported by Cisdem DVDBurner.

Burning DVD Problems 3. The Video Format Can’t Play.

If your video format can’t be supported, you are unable to burn DVD with this DVD burning software, you would get a "Unsupported media type" error. So we should use a video burning tool, like Cisdem DVD Burner mentioned above, which can accept all popular video formats.

Burning DVD Problems 4. Burning Too Fast

I bet that nobody likes waiting around to get the DVD burned, but going as fast as you can isn't always the best strategy. Like, if you choose iTunes as free DVD burner, software, the burn speed is too fast for your DVD burner or media. Choose a lower speed in the burning pane of iTunes Preferences then try burning again. Please ensure your burner software be at the correct speed. You would never notice the difference between 18X and 16X anyway. While your can’t find what the problem it is for the bad burning, please step down your burn speed a little.

Please ensure your burner software be at the correct speed. Try to slow down your burn speed to a half its current rate, not matter the disc is compatible or not.

Burning DVD Problems 5. The Blank DVD and Optical Driver inCompatibility


“DVD-R or DVD+R?? I've searched the forum discussions & there seem to be conflicting views. I thought it was DVD-R, but I've had some problems burning these. Can anyone advise me which is the best type to get?"


There are many DVD formats existing, which one is suitable for Apple Super Drive? DVD+R disks are better than DVD-R disks because of the increased error correction technique used for the newer +R type.

Go to Apple>About This Mac>Storage, inside there you will find a list of all the DVDs & CDs your model iMac can play.

Burning DVD Problems 6. Dirty DVD Drive

We may need at least 4 GB of hard drive space available to burn a DVD, for a 80-minute DVD, we should prepare 6 GB above of free hard drive space, to ensure enough space for you’re your video files. So it is necessary to do disk cleanup and free up more space on Mac, follow as: Start >Program>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup.

Burning DVD Problems 7. Overworked Computer, System Halted

If you find your DVD burning software gets slow response, and even turn to crash, don’t put the blame on the burning tool itself, we should avert your gaze from it to the Mac CUP activity.

Another reason that cause, too Apps running on Mac can affect Mac performance battery runtime, temperature, and fan activity. You can use Activity Monitor to check CPU activity see how apps (processes) are affecting your CPU, quit any malfunctioning processes or those you don’t use now. Is it too apps running at the same time? Turn a part of them off and focus on burning task, This can often prevent random errors during the burning process.

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