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How to Convert Scanned Files to PPT on Mac with the Best Results?

You may need the eye-catching photos from a digitalized magazine to add charm and radiance to your presentation, or may need the data table from an authorized financial report to share with your members for a new annual plan on your presentation, or may need the text from scanned copies to supplement your presentation…… It is not easy to create a PPT from a scanned document, especially when you want the PPT looks exactly the same as the original scanned file. However, we still find the solution for you.

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Generally, scanned files are either in PDF or Image format. If we need to reuse the content from those scanned documents, we need to apply the OCR technology.

OCR: Optical character recognition, is the mechanical or electronic conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text". 

OCR Tool: It is designed to recognize and represent the character in scanned document and translate them into electronically designated character. 

With OCR tools, we don’t need to bluntly insert the whole PDF or image into the PPT or spend lots of time on re-typing the information.

The Importance of a Professional OCR Tool

To make scanned PDF in editable formats, such as PPT, an OCR tool is required, particularly a professional one.

Because a professional OCR tool can:

  1. Guarantee the character recognition accuracy;
  2. Retain the layout and formatting as the original;
  3. Support various languages;
  4. Cover import format as many as possible: native, scanned PDFs and images;
  5. Support editable export format as many as possible: including but not limited to PDF, RTFD, DOCX, DOC, XLSX, PPTX, HTML, TEXT, ALTO, FB2, EPUB, ODT, PAGES,KEYNOTE, Image, etc;
  6. Process OCR fast;
  7. Be quite easy to use;
  8. Enable users to manually adjust or crop image for more accurate recognition;
  9. Provide extended features, such as recognize business card and share across icloud, mail, and so on.

And the fact that Powerpoint presentation requires high on layout and formatting even loom the importance of a professional OCR tool large.
Confused about how to choose the best professional OCR tool? No concerns, here we summarize a list for your wise decision:
Best 10 OCR Software for Mac That Well Convert Scanned Files into Editable Formats.

Note: If you have already got an Adobe Acrobat, you can perform OCR in Adobe;
If you are working on some simple and not confidential files, you can do OCR with online/free tools.

How to Convert Scanned Files to PPT while Yielding the Best Results? 

Have you chosen the best OCR tool? If not, follow me to create a PPT from scanned files with best results gained. Here, we take PDF OCR Converter from the list as an example to show you the whole OCR process.

Cisdem PDF OCR Converter for mac is a professional desktop PDF OCR software, allowing you to convert any scanned files or image into searchable and editable files. You can choose output format as PDF, RTFD, DOCX, DOC, XLSX, PPTX, HTML, TEXT, etc, total 16 formats. Also, with a PDF Creator built in, this PDF OCR tool allows users to create PDF from different documents, even users can merge, protect and customize PDFs as needed.

Follow the steps to convert scanned files into nicely formatting PPT

  • Step 1. Download PDF OCR Converter and Install. You can try the free trial before any commercial decision.
  • Step 2.Import files. Add files to the program by clicking "Add" or directly drag&drop the file.convert scanned pdf to ppt
  • Step 3. Prepare for OCR. Turn the OCR button ON, also choose language and page range. Before conversion, select output as PPTX.convert scanned files to ppt on mac 02
  • Step 4. Convert  scanned PDF to editable PPT. Click "Convert" to start the conversion.

Last but not Least: Make Your PPT Awesome!

Once you have created a PPT from the scanned document, even the formatting and layout is retained quite well, you will need to do something to make your PPT more attractive.

  1. Talk one point at a time,you need to stay in sync with your audience and well keep control of the flow of the ppt;
  2. No paragraphs,keep your ppt neat and persuasive, paragraphs bore the audiences;
  3. Use visual elements,audience responds better to visual elements, such as images, multimedia.

make ppt awesome

  1. Pay attention to the design,Use template/customized template, font style, font, sizes, shapes, contrast and color to enhance the design of your presentation. Keep them consistent.

make ppt awesome

  1. ​Ask great questions,communicate with audience and engage them in the PPT to have a stronger impression on the information.
  2. Share your slides if possible,it is a great way to help your audience recall the content of your presentation, also a good way to encourage your audience to engage even after the PPT.

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