For Beginner Geek: The Simplest Way to Burn Video Files to a Disk for macOS Catalina

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We may have lots of video files stored in our digital devices, some are family happy moment, some are the achievable business activity. There are scattered in iPhone 6s, or iPad, and Camcorder, or GoPro, ect. Why not come to collect and burn them to DVD?

There are lots burning software for us to choose from, it is dazzling to decide which one is better. It there more easier way to burn video file to disk? This article would introduce the simplest way to burn video file to disk, especially for those beginner geek who don’t want to spend much time on learning how to use a complex DVD burning application.

Several Burning Problem You may Meet

Because each DVD burning program has different burning performance, we may meet some burning problem while burning video file to disk. I make a conclusion as below, and you may have some common experience.

  • Once open the burning utility, you don’t know how to start it, you got lost in its complex interface. And the working flow is not easy-to-use.
  • You can’t find the wanted output format at last step, it is in vain for effort to buy and download it on Mac.
  • The final output quality is too so so, can’t live up to your expectation.
  • It is stopped while in processing, oh, the app get crashed.

What's the Best Solution for DVD Burning?

What we talk above can show that the first burning problem we often complain is that if the app is easy, we can spend the least time to get what we want. Now I would like to introduce the simplest DVD burning solution.

“Its performance is good and the burning speed is fast. That's what i need!”- one of Mac users reviewed.

Cisdem DVD Burner is the best DVD burning software with more function but less steps to master than iDVD. It burns all sorts of videos to DVD , no matter it is internet downloaded, camcorder recorded or iPhone, iPad and many other devices created. What’s more, you can burn any of SD & HD formats. It supports the widest format profiles to load into it.

  • More interesting features you can get
  • The built-in video editor lets you edit, crop, make special visual effects, rotate, add watermark, subtitle and 3D effects.
  • Preset the output parameters to get the best output quality.

How to Burn Video Files to a Disk Easily?

Let’s come to the most concerned topic, how to burn the video files to disk with the simplest steps and less time. Cisdem DVDBurner offers free trial version for a test (original price is $39.99). Download it and install on Mac. Insert a blank disk to the Mac slot.

Step 1. Load Video file. Drag-n-drop video files to the right grey column of the main interface. You would see the video thumbnails displayed instantly. You load video files successfully.

2. Edit and fine-tune Video to Get Better Look. Double-click the video thumbnail, and switch to the editing window. You can do lots of fine-tune works. Like crop, rotate, and trim video files to remove letterboxing, and add special effects or watermark to your video, etc.

3. Make Menu for easier play navigation. Click the Menu Button, and go to design a DVD menu for your disc with a bunch of elements, like backgrounds, play button, text, and music backgrounds.

4. Burn Video Files to DVD. Click the Burning button, and a small window pops up. You can choose to burn video files to DVDs, ISO File, and DVD Folder.

More useful features you may be interested in

  • Cisdem DVD Burner can work as a video player, you can click the preview button and watch it on Mac.
  • Preset the output parameters to get the best DVD quality, like set to burn DVD based on disc volume (DVD5 or DVD9), TV system (NTSC or PAL), display ratio (16:9 or 4:3), etc.

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