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Sony Reader is the general name for a line of e-book readers manufactured by Sony, it invented the first commercial e-book reader in 2004. Although Sony announced that it would not be making another e-book reader on 2014, there are many people still use it to read e-books.

Sometimes, we may get lots of PDF eBooks from computer, and we want to read PDF on Sony Reader. Sony Reader supports to open PDF files, but the early version of PDF may not supported by it. In addition, when we read PDF on Sony Reader, if you want to adjust the PDF to the display, which usually lead to the font is too small. If you zoom in PDF file to see font clearly, you also have to move the display to view complete content. How to solve this nettlesome problem?

Convert PDF to EPUB for better reading on Sony Reader

Actually, the best way to solve this question is converting PDF to EPUB since EPUB is the format that is fully compatible with Sony Reader. If you open EPUB file on Sony Reader, it will adjust automatically to the display, you don’t need to set it by yourself. Next, I will share the detailed steps to convert PDF to EPUB, please note, it only for Mac users.

How to convert PDF to EPUB on Mac?

Referring to convert PDF to EPUB on Mac, we can’t ignore the best PDF to EPUB converter for Mac, Cisdem PDF Converter OCR. It is a powerful converter that enable users to convert PDF files and images into EPUB, RTFD, Text, HTML, Keynote, Pages, Images Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and more. And it will also accurately keep fully-formatted text content, layouts, formatting, columns, tables, and graphics. With this application, you can better enjoying eBooks on many devices, such as Sony Reader, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Nook Color, Nook Tablet, iriver Story HD, Kobo, Android phones, etc.

Steps to convert PDF to EPUB on Mac with Cisdem PDF Converter OCR:

Step 1. Free Download Cisdem PDF Converter OCR and launch it on your Mac.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR allows users to try it for free, so you can click the “Free Download” button to start to download this application, and then you need to launch it on your Mac.

Free Download

Step 2. Import your PDF files to Cisdem PDF Converter OCR.

Two ways to import PDF files to Cisdem PDF Converter OCR, you can click “+” to import, or you can just add by drag-n-drop. This application allows you to add dozens of files at one time.


Step 3. Choose EPUB as the Output Format.

Next, you need to click the thumbnail on the right, so you can select the output format. This time, you have to choose EPUB format as the output format.


If it is necessary, you can convert any particular pages (e.g. 1,5-10, or all pages) by choosing "Range" to save your time.

Step 4. Start converting PDF to EPUB on Mac.

Now, pitch on the PDF files that you need change and click “Convert” button on lower right corner, it will pop up a new window requesting for saved location. Choose a location and start to convert PDF to EPUB on Mac. Just wait a minute, you will get your converted files as this application runs very fast.

How to add books to Sony Reader?

If you buy and download eBooks from Sony official Sony eBook stores, you don’t need to read this part, your eBooks will get synced automatically. But if you get your eBooks from other resource, when you transfer eBooks by drag-n-drop through USB, you might fail, the added EPUB and PDF files might not be displayed. You need to read this part carefully since you need to transfer from Mac to the device by hand.

Step 1. At first, you should set connection between Sony Reader and your Mac through the supplied USB cable, if you do that, Sony Reader will get in "Data Transfer Mode". And you will see two drives: SETTING and READER.

Step 2. Then you need to double click the "SETTING" drive on the desktop, next you should double click "Setup Reader for Mac" so Reader software will start to install.

Step 3. Next, after installing, you should launch Reader software on your Mac, and then you need to drag and drop your EPUB or PDF books to the "Library" folder. Now eject your Sony Reader from your Mac, and you can enjoy your new-added book.


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