The Best Way to Compile PDF on Mac(OS Catalina Compatible)

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Nowadays, PDF format is widely-used, many documents come in PDF format since its portability and it can be used on any operating system, Mac, Windows and Linux. Sometimes, people might need to compile PDF on Mac when they opened multiple PDFs at one time. And the read-only property of PDF also brings users to a lot of trouble. Actually, compiling PDF on Mac includes two aspects, compiling PDFs into one or edit PDF file on Mac. No matter what you want to do, a PDF compiler Mac is essential.

What is the best PDF compiler for Mac?

As for this question, my answers is Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac. As the best PDF compiler for Mac, it provides the easiest way to compile PDF on Mac, with this tool, you can merge multiple PDF files into one. And if you don’t need the entire file, you can compile some aspects of PDF.

In addition, Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate is also the most comprehensive PDF tool for Mac users, it allows users to edit PDF files, convert normal or scanned PDF file, sign, split, merge, compress, comment, collaborate and organize your PDFs with unprecedented ease and speed, which makes you more productive with PDF in every capacity.

Now, Cisdem allows each user to try PDFManagerUltimate for free, you can have a free trial of it.

How to Compile PDF on Mac with The Best PDF Compiler?

Step 1. Free download and launch Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate on your Mac.

Before compiling PDF on Mac, you must download and install this PDF compiler for Mac firstly. Cisdem provides a free trial for each user. Then you need to run it on your Mac.

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Step 2. Add your PDF files to this application.

After launch Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate on your Mac, you will see its interface. It is super easy-to-use, just drag and drop your PDF files to it, and you can add multiple PDFs at one time, which makes your selection of PDF files more convenient.

Step 3. Compile PDFs into one on your Mac.

Next, you can start to compile PDF on Mac. Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate allows users to combine PDF files into one, just choose the PDF files you want to merge, and click the “Merge” button. Surely, don’t forget to input the name of compiling PDF.

Tips: What’s more, if you just want some parts of PDF pages, you can split PDF file into smaller files firstly and select the one or more you want. Then you can merge them into one. Cisdem provides three flexible ways to split PDF into smaller files, splitting document by * page(s) per file, pages to keep; and pages to remove.

Step 4. Edit your PDF on Mac.

If you need, next, you can edit your compiled PDF directly with Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate on your Mac. It also enables users to edit and annotate PDF files on Mac since it is the best PDF editor. You can edit and annotate PDF files on Mac directly like what you do in a Word processor. You can easily add texts, comments, notes, or shapes (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Circle,) to the PDF, highlight, cross-out, underline text, and draw an arrow or a line for more effective collaboration.

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