The Best PDF Password Remover to Unsecure PDF on Mac, According to PDF Users

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best pdf password remover to unsecure pdf

For businessman, PDF is a frequently used format to deliver and save information, and any business that involving the frequent application of PDF files will have to consider the security of these documents. Most PDF users choose to set PDF password to secure their PDFs. However, it is greatly likely we would lose the PDF passwords accidentally or be locked out from the file that we have legal access to for some reasons.

If you are in such a situation, what are you going to do to cope with this? Have you tried online PDF Crackers but only to incur risk of information leakage? Have you tried several desktop PDF Unlocker Tools but only to turn disappointed at those limited features? Leave all these behind, now find out your best PDF Password Remover together with us.

Do You Know Which Password is Protecting Your PDF?

First of all, we need to know the basic knowledge about PDF password to identify which password has been set to protect your files. As PDF users know, there are 2 types set to encrypt a PDF, the user password and the open password.

If a PDF cannot be opened without entering the required PDF password, there is a User (Open) Password;

find out which password is protecting your PDF

If a PDF cannot be edited, printed, copied without entering the required PDF password, there is an Owner(Permission) Password.

find out which password is protecting your pdf owner password

In most cases, PDFs are protected by owner passwords to restrict recipients from modifying or copying for potential abuse. For those highly confidential files, the user(open) password is necessary. So, if you are looking the best PDF Password Remover, the tool has to be capable of dealing with these 2 kinds protected PDF:owner-password protected and user-password protected.

In fact, the quantity of such a tool is quite small. Most PDF Password Remover on the market is only designed for removing the protection from owner-password protected files, they are totally useless if your file is protected with an unknown user(open) password.

But, no worry, the best PDF Password Remover is already here for you.

The Best PDF Password Remover---Cisdem PDF Password Remover

The reason why  the best goes to Cisdem PDF Password Remover, according to PDF users, to a dominant extent boils down to their comparative experiences on using Preview, Adobe Acrobat and several online or desktop PDF crackers to unlock PDFs.

Cisdem PDF Password Remover is a professional, stand-alone tool to remove security from protected PDF, it can directly remove the owner password protection in batch, also can recover PDF password to open the PDF file when you forgot the PDF user password.

For Owner-password Protected PDFs, Cisdem Works Perfect!
No matter your owner-password protected PDFs are native or scanned, Cisdem works perfect to directly remove all these restrictions in seconds.

Once you add the files into Cisdem, click “Remove” button to remove the password protection by creating an equivalent unsecured PDF as original.

cisdem pdf password remover works well for owner password protected pdf

It supports batch removing, you will be allowed to add up to 200 PDFs at a time(each PDF with a max 500 pages). 

For User-password Protected PDFs, Cisdem Still Works Effeciently!
Still, no matter your user-password protected PDFs are native or scanned, Cisdem works efficiently to directly remove user password protection with known user password or decrypt it by recovering the unknown user password.

cisdem pdf password remover works well for user password protected pdf

As you can see, if your PDF is user-password protected, there would a lock icon appearing with the PDF on the right side. Click the lock icon, if you know the user password, enter it to directly remove the user password protection; if you don’t know the user password, click “Forgot?” to decrypt the file.

Tweak the setting according to your preference to cut the time of password recovery.

tweak the setting to remove pdf password

tweak the setting to remove pdf password with cisdem pdf password remover

Still, there are abundant reasons why Cisdem wins large recognition from its users, check how it make this:

  • Is it affordable? Absolutely, price at $34.99, you will enjoy a permanent service of Cisdem PDF Password Remover. In addition, you can try its free trial before the purchase;
  • Does it hog up Mac resource? With its file size of 2.9M, Cisdem Password Remover won’t take up too much space on your mac, neither will it adversely impact the running of other programs;
  • Will I Get Data Lost? No! Cisdem PDF Password Remover will unsecure your PDF by creating an equivalent unsecure PDF as the original, no data will be lost, no formatting will be changed;
  • Is it compatible with Adobe? Yes, High Compatibility with Adobe PDF version 1.0-1.7;
  • Can it run on OS Sierra? Yes, it supports Mac OS X 10.6 - OS X 10.11 El Capitan, even the latest OS Sierra.

Also, you can check what Cisdem PDF Password Remover users say about it.

What is Your Best PDF Password Remover?

Everyone may be picky in one way or another when choosing a PDF unlocker because our needs verify. Then, what is your best PDF Password Remover? Write to us in the comment, but your nomination should contain:

  • The specific name of the Password Remover and details of its feature;
  • Why do you think it is the best one?

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