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Best Horror/Action/Drama/Comedy Movies on Netflix Streaming of All Time

Movie becomes a significant component of entertainment industry. Most of us have a preference for movie, but the tastes of us are different. Some like watching horror and action movies, while the others enjoy drama and comedy movies.

Fortunately, for people who like to watch action/horror/drama/comedy movies, Netflix offers valuable and abundant film resources. In this post, we will introduce the best horror/action/drama/comedy movies on Netflix and also recommend a DVD Burner that can help you burn Netflix movies to DVD.

Benefits to Watch Horror/Action/Drama/Comedy Movies on Netflix

  • Broaden your horizon without going out.
  • Enrich your emotion though senses, actor’s lines and frames.
  • Kill your time when you feel boring.
  • Bring inspiration for your creation.
  • Netflix is reliable streaming site and provides you with HD movies.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Best Horror Movies on Netflix

  1. The Fly - Kurt Neumann (1958)
  2. The Shining – Stanley Kubrick (1980)
  3. A Nightmare on Elm Street - Wes Craven (1984)
  4. Hellraiser - Clive Barker (1987)
  5. From Dusk till Dawn - Robert Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez filmography (1996)
  6. Pontypool - Bruce McDonald (2008)
  7. Stake Land - Jim Mickle (2010)
  8. Housebound - Gerard Johnstone (2014)
  9. It Follows- David Robert Mitchell (2014)
  10. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night - Ana Lily Amirpour (2015)

Best Action Movies on Netflix

Best Action Movies on Netflix

  1. Once Upon a Time in the West - Sergio Leone (1968)
  2. Enter the Dragon - Robert Clouse (1973)
  3. Full Metal Jacket - Stanley Kubrick (1987)
  4. Armageddon - Michael Bay (1998)
  5. Assault on Precinct 13 - Jean-François Richet (2005)
  6. V For Vendetta - James McTeigue (2005)
  7. IP Man 1-3 - Wilson Yip (2008-2015)
  8. Proof Of Life - Taylor Hackford (2010)
  9. 13 Assassins - Takashi Miike (2010)
  10. Tomorrow, When The War Began - Stuart Beattie (2012)

Best Drama Movies on Netflix

Best Drama Movies on Netflix

  1. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial - Steven Spielberg (1982)
  2. Turner & Hooch - Roger Spottiswoode (1989)
  3. Schindler’s List - Steven Spielberg (1993)
  4. Million Dollar Baby - Clint Eastwood (2004)
  5. Babel - Alejandro González Iñárritu (2006)
  6. No Country For Old Men - Ethan Coen, Joel Coen (2007)
  7. The Imitation Game - Morten Tyldum (2014)
  8. Boyhood - Richard Linklater (2014)
  9. The Big Short - Adam McKay (2015)
  10. Get Me Roger Stone - Morgan Pehme, Dylan Bank, Daniel DiMauro (2017)

Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

  1. Blazing Saddles - Mel Brooks (1974)
  2. Caddyshack - Harold Ramis (1980)
  3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - John Hughes (1986)
  4. Heathers - Michael Lehmann (1988)
  5. Galaxy Quest - Dean Parisot (1999)
  6. Best in Show - Christopher Guest (2000)
  7. Bridget Jones’s Diary - Sharon Maguire (2001)
  8. Burn After Reading - Ethan Coen, Joel Coen (2008)
  9. Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson (2012)
  10. Pee-Wee's Big Holiday - John Lee (2016)

How to Burn Netflix Movies to DVD on Mac and Windows?

As the most famous online rental service in the world, Netflix enjoys great popularity among publics. You can watch the best horror/action/drama/comedy movies and TV shows on Netflix. But if you intend to watch them offline on your home DVD player, burning Netflix to DVD would be an ideal method.

# Burn Netflix Movies to DVD on Mac

Undoubtedly, Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac should be regarded as the foremost one to burn Netflix movies to DVD on Mac. This software allows you to burn any downloaded movies to DVD. You can easily personalize the movies as you like. Meanwhile, you can select from plenty of menu templates to burn Netflix movies to DVD on Mac as well. The operation is so simple that even beginners can finish it effortlessly.

  1. Download horror, action, drama, comedy, etc. movies from Netflix. Or you can try to use a Mac Video Converter to download the movies.
  2. Install Cisdem DVD Burner on your Mac. Run the software and import the downloaded Netflix movies to the program.
  3. Double click the Netflix movies for editing and make DVD menu for playback navigation.
  4. Finally, click burn icon at the bottom-right corner of the interface to start burning Netflix movies to DVD 5 or DVD 9.

How to Burn Netflix Movies to DVD on Mac

# Burn Netflix Movies to DVD on Windows

When it comes to Windows users, WinX DVD Author should be an effective application to burn Netflix movies to DVD. It’s mainly designed to convert and burn AVI, MPEG, XviD, RMVB, WMV, DivX, MP4 etc. videos to DVD with fast speed. Plus, it helps you create chapter menu, add subtitle & background music & picture, etc.

  1. Install and launch WinX DVD Author on your Windows computer.
  2. Upload horror, action, drama, comedy, etc. Netflix movies to the software.
  3. Customize DVD title & chapter menu by adding music, changing menu background picture, deleting title & chapter.
  4. Burn Netflix movies to DVD without fuss.

How to Burn Netflix Movies to DVD on Windows

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