SD Card Video Recovery: How Should We Recover Videos from SD Card Wisely?

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Several days ago, one of my friends told me that she had deleted her wedding video in her SD card when she intended to delete another useless video. Have you ever come across the same situation as her? You accidentally pressed a wrong button, and presto, the only copy of a treasured home movie or video show disappeared. At this time, you may be upset and at a loss. Don't worry, below I will show you how to recove videos from SD Card.

Part 1: Is there any efficient way to recover videos from SD card on mac?

Generally speaking, unless your SD card is badly damaged and can’t be readable on your mac, you shouldn’t give up hope on your cherished videos. One reality about lost videos in your SD card is that they are still in somewhere before being overwritten by new data. And luckily, you’re in the right place! I’d like to share with you the best way to recover videos from SD card in the most efficient way.

By relying on third-party SD card data recovery software – it is pretty straight forwards. Cisdem has launched one of the most reliable data recovery software for Mac OS X (El Capitan supported). With its large set of features, Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac can be the best data recovery mac software to successfully help you recover all your data from your device in no time. Therefore, you don't have to worry if you are encountering a video loss situation.

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Part 2: How should we recover videos from SD card wisely on Mac?

  1. Select a recovery mode to get videos back
    After running Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac, choose a file recovery mode from the main window of this program. Here I choose Basic Data Recovery, you can choose the mode you want. 
    Note: You should firstly connect your SD card with mac.
  2. Scan your SD card for the lost videos
    Select the drive you want to recover video files from and click "Scan" to begin the scanning process.scan mode
  3. Preview and restore your videos from SD Card
    When scanning process is over, go through folders on the left hand side and all included videos files will appear at the bottom list. You can check the files to preview so that you can exactly find what you are looking for. Once you find your targeted videos, click on “Recover”. That’s all!

Part 3: Some useful tips on managing video files in SD card

Video files are much larger than most other files types, so where you store them and how frequently you archive them matters. If you have store lots of video clips in your SD card, it is then necessary for you to organize them regularly, from naming the files and adding tags to archiving the files themselves. For example, some households may have stacks of old, HD/SD videos stored in SD cards. If you're organizing and consolidating all your videos, you can try to make use of some mac video converter software that specializes in converting them to formats of modern, widely supported codecs.

Besides, in case that you lost your videos in your SD card, you’d better back up your data timely. It will save your a lot of unnecessary troubles.

For more tips for SD card data recovery on Mac, you can refer to the infographic “The complete guide on SD card data recovery”.

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