Best Business Contact Manager for macOS (Catalina Included)

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“I recently moved from PC to Mac and I used to manage my contacts by using business contact manager. But now, I don't know how to do it, business contact manager is an add-in for Windows-Outlook only. Is there business contact manager for Mac available? I really need it. I hope that someone can give me some advices.”

When I search some other information on Mac rumors and Apple discussion, I found there were many some people had the same problem to found a business contact manager for Mac as said. And so far they didn’t get an answer. Usually, users will meet many questions when they move from PC to Mac, they need to face many changes, such as contact manager Mac. Now that business contact manager is only for window, today, I will share the similar software of it for Mac users. Business contact manager for Mac is available on here. macOS Catalina is also supported.

What is the Best Business Contact Manager for macOS?

After test several well-known business contact managers for Mac, Cisdem Contacts Manager undoubtedly is the best one. With this business contact manager for Mac, you can manage and backup OS X contacts in one place. Usually, it is always a tasking process that users want to keep the Mac Address Book up to date and error-free. But with Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac, all problems will be readily solved.

Cisdem ContactsMate is a business contact management software for Mac that will help users to analyzes, reports, and fixes dozens of problems with OS X Contacts. In addition, for easy Contacts back up or sync, it will also can export Mac Address Book to many formats, including CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages.

Many people may know managing contact a little. There may be some questionable contacts on your Contact, such as mistake mailing addresses, names, emails, address, etc, and some duplicate contacts also exist. Managing contact means that Cisdem ContactsMate will help you to find and list all the questionable Contacts with details and multiple solutions to fix, and it also can help you to remove duplicate contacts.

The features of Cisdem ContactsMate are very comprehensive and powerful. The reviews of users are also good. Many Mac users said Cisdem ContactsMate is worth to buying. Now, it also supports the newest system, macOS 10.15 Catalina And Cisdem provides a free trial of Cisdem ContactsMate for every users, download this Mac Contact Manager today and start to manage your Mac OS X Contacts in one place.

Surely, if you are also interested in other business contact manager, you can visit my another article “What is the Best Contact Manager for Mac?”, it may give you some information.

How to Use Business Contact Manager for Mac?

As for how to use this business contact management software for Mac, I will show you the detailed steps to operate it below, just follow me.

Step 1. Free download business contact manager for Mac and launch it.

At first, you need to download Cisdem ContactsMate, you just need to click the “Free Download” button below, it will start to download. And then you need to install it on your Mac and run it.

Download Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac >>

Step 2. Sync with OS X Contacts.

When you run this business contact manager for Mac, it will ask you to allow it access to sync with your Contacts. What you need to do is just click “OK”, it will built a permanent interconnection between your Address Book and Cisdem ContactsMate, all the entries in your Contacts will be synced, which means that you needn't to go to Contatcs anymore. You can directly edit contacts information in Cisdem ContactsMate.

Step 3. Scan and manage OS X Contacts.

Next, you can scan your contacts to find questionable contacts. You need to click "Cisdem ContactsMate" on menu bar and then select "Preferences". This business contact manager provides 13 different conditions for users to list your questionable contacts, you can choose the conditions you need. After choosing, click "OK" and start scan.

Step 4. Amend the questionable contacts.

Wait a second, all the questionable contacts will be showed on the left. And you can click any of them to check the detailed information on the right. it will give you the name of the contact, problem, solution and details.

Step 5. Export Contacts for back up or sync.

If you want export contacts for backup or sync, it also can do it. Just click “Export All” button to finish it. You need to input the name of exported file, and choose the file formats, Cisdem ContactsMate allows users to export contacts to CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers and Pages. Last, click “Save”.

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