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5 Tips for Preventing Data Loss on Your Summer Holiday

People always associate with sunshine, ocean and beach at the mention of summer holiday. Anyway, no matter where you plan to take your vacation, many photos will be taken to commemorate those sweet summer holiday. Referring to photos, another problem must be brought to the forefront, it is data loss. Holiday data loss undoubtedly will make you can your family frustrated. How to do data loss protection completely? There are 5 tips for holiday data loss, hope that will help you to have a perfect summer holiday.

Tips 1. Avoid any damage to your flash memory card

We all know, memory card is fragile and there are many possible threats may lead memory card unreadable. Once something damage your flash memory card, all data stored in it will loss and your photos will disappear. So you should properly keep your flash memory card and avoid any damage to it. For example, put it on your camera and don’t take it out optionally, avoid severe impact, etc.

Tips 2. Transfer your photos to other storage devices

The capacity of your memory card is limited, you are not able to store all your photos in memory card. Transfer your photos to other storage devices may be a better choice, such as your Mac’s hard drive or your external hard drive, which will make room for more new photos on your memory card. Please note, don’t delete your photos on your memory card until you make sure that all photos are transferred.

Tips 3. Back up your photos to iCloud

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, it is not enough that transferring photos to hard drive of your Mac, you need to add other security. Backing up your photos to iCloud sounds great. Only need to simple operation, can you back up your photos easily. Generally speaking, the capacity of iCloud is far more than your hard drive. Once the data is missing, you can also find your data from the iCloud.

Tips 4. Be cautious of your camera touching water

For almost all electronic, water may be an awful killer, so you should be cautious of your camera touching water. Once your camera touches water, it will be damaged and your photos may loss, it is absolutely a tragedy on your summer holiday. No one hope that, right? Protecting your camera is super important. You can prepare some waterproof material to put your camera and try to avoid rainy day.

Tips 5. Use data recovery software to recover photos from memory card

We can’t guarantee that everything is on track. If you cause accidental data loss when you did nothing to transfer your photos or backing up, what should you do? Don’t worry, using data recovery software can help you to recover photos from memory card. Cisdem DataRecovery is the best Mac data recovery software to recover your lost, deleted or formatted files from your memory card. Actually, the features of Cisdem DataRecovery are far more than that, you can go to its product page to find it or click the hyperlink of it to know more details of it. In addition, the detailed steps of recovering photos from memory card, you can read “How to Recover Photos from Memory Card on Mac (OS X Yosemite Included)”, this article will give you a perfect solution.

The most important thing is happy during the summer holiday, don’t let data loss affects your beautiful mood. To be prepared for the above, you can deal with all sorts of data loss problems easily. Enjoy your summer holiday.smileysmileysmiley

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