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10 Essential Apps for Your Brand-New Mac

Last week, my best friend bought a new Mac, she was very exciting. You know, for a new Mac user, unboxing a new Macintosh may be emotional. But other question followed and was bothering her. The question was that she didn’t know what app she should install for her brand-new Mac to work and live better. Even though Apple includes quite a bit of software, and offers more for free download via the Mac App Store, what else should a new user or a fresh system get? She asked me for giving some advice as she thought I was a senior member of Mac. Actually, I couldn’t guarantee those I recommend were the best apps, I just combined my own use with other experts’ opinion on the internet to give her some advices. Likewise, there must be some new Mac users or some veteran users who refresh a system have the same trouble, so I write this blog to help them to save time and effort.


What it LaunchBar? It is an app helping you find your applications easier. When someone see this app, they may be puzzled, Apple’s launchpad also can do it, why do I chose this internal app? Why it is perfect: LaunchBar indexes and links to all sorts of stuff: music, contacts, apps, emoji, search history, bookmarks, and more. Surely, Apple’s launchpad is also useful when you just have little applications. LaunchBar is available for $29 individual and $48 family.



TextExpander is an app to save your fingers and your keyboard. Many people may not need this app, but when you can replace the tedious repetitive typing of common phrases with a few keystrokes, it is great, right? TextExpander was available for $35 individual and $45 family.


AppCrypt is a security pundits that you can set up a password to protect Mac OS apps from unauthorized access. While OS has its own built-in encryption software FileVault for users of OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later, there’s no built-in ability to lock apps on Mac. AppCrypt is the best encryption software for Mac that can fill this void. Now, it is available for $12.99.


Good news: Skype is free. Someone ask that now that we have FaceTime, Skype is useless for us. However, if your friends and family all have Mac, iPhone or iPad, you don't really need Skype, you can use FaceTime. But, you know, not everyone has a Apple device. FaceTime doesn’t come with a calling plan, OS can access your iPhone to make and receive calls to landlines and cellular numbers. Skype can do it. And you can also block Skype on Mac easily to avoid unwanted access.


PDFManagerUltimate is a Full-featured PDF tool, which gives you a complete PDF solution, more than preview. Everyone contact with PDF files when we are working, PDF files is very convenient to spread. So, installing a Full-featured PDF tools is necessary for our work. PDFManagerUltimate is cost effective, it allows you to organize and view PDF files, edit, extract text or images from PDF files, add signature, encrypt PDF with open and permission passwords, convert normal or scanned PDF to other formats, etc. PDFManagerUltimate is available for $69.99.


Similarly, Airplay, one of the best things about Apple's ecosystem of audiovisual-friendly devices, also has almost the same function. And Airplay is very well so that so many strictly audio devices all support its audio playback. So what does it mean to recommend this app? Airplay has a weakness that iTunes is the only Apple software that has a specific AirPlay option. Airfoil is different, you can take just the audio output of any software or audio input device and route it to one or more AirPlay-compatible receivers. Airfoil is available for $25.


TubeConverter is video downloader and converter, which allows you to download SD & HD videos (including 1080p, 4K HD) from all popular websites and convert to 160+ video & audio formats for any device. Many people like watching videos, but they sometimes have no time to watch online. Don’t worry, this app can download your favorite videos for you, you can enjoy it off-line when you are free. And if you need, it also can convert the formats of videos, so you can enjoy on another device. TubeConverter is available for $29.99.


DuplicateFinder is an app that helps you to find and remove duplicate files fast and accurately. As everyone knows, with the extension of using time, a lot of duplicate files inevitably appear on your Mac. You need to clean up them, otherwise, the memory of your Mac will be less and less, and its operation will be slower and slower. DuplicateFinder helps you find duplicate files that have identical content, regardless of name and display them in an easy to understand report. The program ensures 100% accuracy and will ensure you'll keep at least one instance of each duplicated item for sake of safety. DuplicateFinder is available for $29.99


DVDCreator is an easy and fast solution to create DVD out of your personal collection of video files and enhance the displayed image with built-in video editor and customizable menus. Generally, people like recording some videos to record some wonderful moments. This app can help you to burn your video to DVD. It can trim, crop, rotate videos, add effects & subtitles, etc. Now, it is available for $27.99.


GraphicConverter is to image files, it offers photographic and image-editing tools, including cropping, resizing, etc. And it also can open any images, rename or delete them directly. Certainly, batch processing images and converting a folder from TIFF to JPEG are okay. GraphicConverter is available for $40.

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    I work with Skype and AppCrypt everyday, they both are great office tools.

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