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" Taking all things into consideration, Cisdem PDFMaster proved itself to be an all-round and dependable PDF utility that offers all the necessary features you need for organizing, editing and converting your PDFs, while keeping things as simple as possible."

Vladimir Ciobica@Softpedia

" PDFMaster gives you a surprising number of tools, and even if you don’t need them all, you’ll be glad you have them just in case. Considering that Cisdem sells it for just $69.99, I would say it is a powerful alternative to traditional PDF software at a bargain price. "

Kraig Becker@AppleGazette

" PDFMaster includes several advanced editing features that let users merge, split and compress documents; add comments, annotations and sticky notes; rotate and highlight pages and elements; and extract text and images."

Ric Manning@GizmoEditor

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2013-08-14 01:42:35

Cisdem Support Team: Thank you, have a great day!


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