A Full Set of PDF Tools to Facilitate Your Work.

Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac for Business makes it easy to manage your PDF files, convert them, edit and make annotations for collaborating with others.

A Complete PDF Management System for Mac

"PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac is a bit like the Swiss Army Knife of PDF editors. It gives you a surprising number of tools, and even if you don’t need them all, you’ll be glad you have them just in case."

Power yet easy to use PDF manager for the Mac

"Taking all things into consideration, PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac proved itself to be an all-round and dependable PDF utility that offers all the necessary features you need for organizing, editing and converting your PDFs, while keeping things as simple as possible."

Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac Review - 3.

Really easy &quick

"I use this software almost daily at work to sign PDFs and do minor annotations. The signature portion works better than Preview (IMO) and the editing function are sufficient for my needs. Also works really great on my white macbook 13 with 2.1 GHZ processor."

Carl Rivera, US
Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac Review - 4.

Yes, buy it

"Awesome, Awesome app. This little, powerful app have saved me trips to the library, and fooling with my awful scanner. Thank you for this app! "

Curtis Gordon, US
Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac Review - 5.


"You have to love an application that does what it says, quickly and with no learning curve, I scanned a bunch of book pages as PDFs into my computer, and was able to convert those files to a format that I need."

Yolanda Spicer, CA

Go Paperless, Go Green

Now you can start scanning documents to create a paperless office while at the same time use PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac to "recognize" letters and words in the scan and turn it into real text that can be edited in a word processor, or use a desktop search engine to search the body of the scan. Also you can merge all these scanned PDF into one for better archive.

Reclaim Your Workday

Less retyping. More productive. From now on you can easily edit and change to format of that PDF sent by your customers and edit the files in way your prefer, Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac supports converting PDF and scanned pieces to a wide range of formats including Microsoft Word(.docx), PowerPoint(.pptx), ePub, RTFD, Text, HTML, Keynote, Pages, Images, etc.

Edit PDF and Make Annotations
Make annotations like add texts, comments, notes, or shapes (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Circle,) to the PDF, highlight, cross-out, underline text, and draw an arrow or a line to discuss, collaborate, and share files and notes with others.
Handle PDF Files Flexibly, Meet Request
Merge PDFs into one, Extract images and texts in a PDF, Split PDFs, compress PDFs wherever and whenever you want, easily deal with flexible working requests.
Digitally Sign a PDF
Productivity can be continuously improved with this PDF solution. You can not only efficiently fill PDF forms but also sign contracts, agreements, proposals, forms etc, setting you free from a heavy burden.

Protect Business, Avoid Loss

Business information leakage can cause great financial loss and reputation damage to your business. With PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac you can stop using risky online PDF managing service and at the time you can use this tool to set PDF password to prevent unauthorized access to your PDF files.

Benefits from Comprehensive Language Support

Product supports recognition of 49 languages for OCR and PDF conversion in any language combination.

Substantially Reduce Your Office Cost

Cisdem offers diverse and economic business volume license solution for small business, giving you full support for making your business grow.

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Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac

Make annotations for PDF files before your next meeting or quickly sign the PDF you need for collaboration. Your PDFs are organized, annotated, converted and managed the way you need.
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Version 3.1.0 (December 10th, 2018) What’s New? | Support macOS 10.10 + | 100% safe & clean | 30 days moneyback guarantee

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