Cisdem JunkMail Stop

Block Emails on iPhone with A Single Tap

  • Sensitively filter and block emails on Gmail/Outlook/Exchange on your iPhone, no unwanted emails will waste your space and time anymore.

JunkMail Stop Knows Your Troubles

JunkMail Stop Removes Your Troubles

Smartly List and Block Emails on iPhone
Get the spammer list and train Gmail, Outlook and Exchange inbox to block unwanted emails smartly.
Sensitively Filter Spam List
Input the full Gmail address or keywords to filter spammers. JunkMail Stop works sensitively and accurately to find the spammer address.
Efficiently Manage Spams
Users are allowed to move spams or unwanted Gmails to defaulted spam folder or a customized folder.
Single or Multiple Email Accounts Support
Handle the spams for your multiple email accounts, to permanently and easily block emails on iPhone.

Worry About Security ?

Your Privacy is Everything

  • We Never Store Your Data

    Your personal data is safe, we never record or store your data.

  • We Never Collected Your Data

    None of your data is collected for commercial or illegal use.

  • We Never Steal Your Email Contents

    No one can peek into your Inbox, including JunkMail Box.

Step 1:
Login into Gmail/Outlook/Exchange Account
Step 2:
Filter and Block Emails in Gmail/Outlook/Exchange
Step 3:
(Optional) Manage Blocked Spam or Unwanted Emails.


The longer service time you choose, the more discount you will get.

Service Categories Price
3 Accounts Per Month $4.99
3 Accounts Per Season $9.99
3 Accounts Per Year $29.99
10 Accounts Per Month $9.99
10 Accounts Per Year $69.99
Unlimited Accounts Per Year $99.99

Cisdem JunkMail Stop

  • Say Good Bye to Spams, Newsletters and unwanted Emails in Your Gmail/Outlook/Exchange on iPhone.