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June 18, 2014

Cisdem Enhanced PDF Converter OCR with More Accurate Conversion

Cisdem, one of the leading software developers for Mac, today is pleased to announce PDF Converter OCR 3.0.0 – The Upgrade version of their PDF Conversion tool PDFCoverterOCR 2.0.0. As easy and effective as always, PDF Converter OCR 3.0.0 now support to adjust 3 PDF OCR recognition areas (text, table and picture) in PDF files or common images with high accuracy Optical Character Recognition technology.

PDF Converter OCR is the PDF Converter with OCR ability, which can convert both normal and scanned PDF documents or images into other popular documents (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Text, Rtfd, ePub, HTML, Keynote, Pages, and Image) while preserves original tables, text, fonts, images, graphics and hyperlinks.

Cisdem Apps Director, Karim Roumani noted, “We continue to add functionality to PDF Converter OCR that we believe is essential in user productivity. Users generate PDF all the time and it is time we help Mac users dig important information out from the read-only PDF and image files.”

PDF Converter OCR 3.0.0 inherits the easiness and effectiveness of PDF Converter OCR 2.0.0, but stands out with many new features and improved functionality:

  1. Refine the interface operation layouts to optimize user experience.
  2. Add the function of saving and opening project.
  3. Enable to convert common images (jpg, jpeg, tiff, png, bmp and gif) to popular document formats.
  4. Support to mark out and edit the text, tables and images on each page for more accurate conversion with advanced OCR technology.
  5. Support to preview the current page instantly to check the accuracy and then do some adjusting.
  6. Support to choose multiple languages from 48 OCR recognition languages: English, Polish, French, Italian, Greek, Russian, German, Turkish and more.

“It (PDF Converter OCR 3.0.0) impressed me first with the new intuitive interface, then with the accurate and fast performance! I have to say that PDF Converter OCR 3.0.0 is a perfect supplement to your daily work!” said Steve, one of PDF Converter OCR 3.0.0's users. And that is exactly recommended solution of PDF Converter with OCR capability.

Pricing and Availability

PDF Converter OCR is available now through the Cisdem website. A trial version available on the site also allows any user without a license to have a try with the App. A Single License of PDF Converter OCR is available for $59.99; License for 2 Macs of PDF Converter OCR is available for $79.99, while License for 5 Macs costs $119.99. To get more information and obtain a free trial version, please visit:/pdf-converter-ocr-mac.html

About Cisdem Inc.

Cisdem provides productivity and business software that helps Mac users to get their job done faster. Cisdem products include top rated software centered on PDF Conversion, PDF Management, Data Recovery, and File Management. The company is dedicated in building highly efficient Mac software that make life easier and processes simpler. For more information, visit