Awards & Reviews

  • Cisdem Award 1

    Cisdem PDF Password Remover 3 works as promised

    This utility will decrypt the locked PDF file and reveal its password and/or owner restrictions. Your valuable PDF files may be used again and no important information is lost. It is simple and easy to use, decrypting your PDF’s on the background.

  • Cisdem Award 1

    The best solution on finding and deleting duplicate files in one go

    Designed with accurate duplicate scanning algorithms, a faster speed, and a bunch of new features, the new Duplicate Finder 3 comes to give you the best solution on finding and deleting duplicate files in one go.

  • Cisdem Award 1

    An easy solution to unclutter the storage space of computers and devices

    Cisdem Duplicate Finder provides you with an easy solution to unclutter the storage space of computers and devices by removing useless duplicate files. Consequently, the system will perform better, the running operations will complete in a shorter amount of time, and the disk will have enough room for storing information that is worth being kept.

  • Cisdem Award 1

    Unsophisticated software solution for managing and exporting your Contacts cards

    Cisdem ContactsMate is a user-friendly Mac app that enables you to scan your Contacts database in order to identify the duplicate or problematic entries, and clean or fix the contact cards. In addition, you can use Cisdem ContactsMate to backup your contacts database to various file formats.

  • Cisdem Award 1

    A handy contact manager that offers to clean, organize, and enhance your address book

    Cisdem ContactsMate is a handy contact manager that offers to clean, organize, and enhance your address book according to your needs. The tool is highly intuitive so that using the application becomes a hassle-free task both for experienced users and complete beginners.

  • Cisdem Award 1

    User-friendly security solution that can help you protect specific apps

    Cisdem AppCrypt has been designed for people that share their Mac with others: the app allows you to block the access to certain apps, making sure that your settings will not be modified by anyone. At the same time, you can ensure that a number of utilities will not be accessed without your consent (games, social media apps, and so on).

  • Cisdem Award 1

    Cisdem AppCrypt keeps private apps safe from prying eyes and encrypts crucial system elements.

    Cisdem AppCrypt offers a smart solution to protect sensitive and confidential data in your applications from being accessed by unauthorized users. The tool locks the apps you select and prevents them from being opened. The locked apps are password-protected and can't be launched unless you enter the right code.

  • Cisdem Award 1

    Prevent snoopers opening your important Mac apps

    From now on, if someone tries to launch any app that is on AppCrypt's list, they're prompted to enter a password. We'd rather the password-entering dialog was plainer: it says "Type your Cisdem AppCrypt password," and so it's telling our naughty snooper exactly how the app is being protected. Still, if they decide to press on and try entering your birthday backwards, or the name of your dog that you never shut up about, unless they guess well, AppCrypt stops the app from launching.

  • Cisdem Award 1

    Lock Apps and Keep Your Data Safe with AppCrypt App for Mac

    AppCrypt is ideal for students who wish to protect their essays, reports and social media messages by locking apps when they are in the classroom, library or in other public places. It also comes in handy at the workplace where users can keep their personal apps like Mail password protected when sharing the Mac with co-workers. AppCrypt is also great for families who can set a schedule to unlock specific apps like Quicken and some games to limit when their kids get access to the Mac.

  • Cisdem Award 1

    Simple and efficient recovery tool

    Cisdem Data Recovery may not be the fastest file recovery tool, but the accuracy of the results exceeds the average recovery rate of other similar programs. The lack of advanced searching filters like file name, date, size, etc., should not be considered a drawback, since such criteria may lead to inappropriate results whenever the users select the wrong parameters.

  • Cisdem Award 2

    Accurate PDF OCR conversion

    Cisdem's PDF Converter OCR(Optical Character Recognition) helps you convert scanned images or PDF into following file formats: Word, Text, PPT, Excel, Keynote, Pages, Rtfd, ePub, HTML, Images (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF). All this is done using the OCR technology that is so powerful, you can see how many file formats it supports, hardly any other software supports them except for a couple few.

  • Cisdem Award 3

    The Perfect Tool For Burning DVDs

    Finally, an App that lets you burn DVDs on Mac Yosemite no matter what the source or format of the video is. All video files you put into Cisdem DVD Burner are re-encoded for standard movie discs and are playable on any DVD/BD player. There are no compatibility issues whatsoever.

  • Cisdem Award 4

    AppCrypt for Mac gives users the ability to protect apps with a single password

    I am very impressed with AppCrypt. I will admit that sometimes I’m leery of security utilities because I feel like they overcomplicate the regular workflow of a computer, but AppCrypt is so easy to use that I forget it’s even running. Once it’s set up with a master password and you select the apps you want to be locked, you are ready to go. Then, as long as the utility is running (indicated by the key icon in your menu bar), you will have to enter the password when you open one of the locked apps.

  • Cisdem Award 5

    A perfect alternative for iDVD

    So to sum up all, the Cisdem Video/Audio DVD Burner is really a great tool and a perfect alternative for iDVD. The burning speed is good, the interface is very user friendly and the real time preview is just outstanding. Apart from all this you can also do basic video editing which is also easily to implement. Overall Cisdem DVD burner is a great deal for all those who are looking for iDVD alternative.

  • Cisdem Award 6

    The OCR function is outstanding, supporting a large number of more-or-less popular languages

    With smart selection options and a comprehensive choice of output formats, Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a handy tool for saving PDFs as editable documents or as image files. The OCR function is outstanding, supporting a large number of more-or-less popular languages.

  • Cisdem Award 7

    Cisdem DataRecovery 3 mengedepankan kemudahan penggunaan dan langkah cepat

    Saya sudah mencoba Cisdem Data Recovery 3 dan berhasil memulihkan 3 GB foto yang hilang karena tidak sengaja menekan tombol format di SD Card pada kamera DSLR. Tidak seperti aplikasi recovery data lainnya, Cisdem DataRecovery 3 mengedepankan kemudahan penggunaan dan langkah cepat.

  • Cisdem Award 8

    Multi-format zip and unzip App for Mac

    Better Unarchiver is a multi-format unarchiver for Mac, it let users open and compress RAR, Zip, 7-zip, ISO, Udf, Wim, TAR, CHM, Hfs, Nsis, Udf files on Mac. Unzipping files can be done in batches, also users can selectively unzip files. Users can preview files inside an archive before unzipping and can compress files to Zip, 7z, Tar, and create password protected 7z, Zip files for safer transmitting.

  • Cisdem Award 9

    One of the best DVD burning software for Mac

    Cisdem DVD Burner burns any Audio or Video to DVD. The difference of Cisdem DVD Burner comes from the compatibility and functionality it provides. iDVD have a lot of restrictions in burning certain videos. Cisdem VD burner supports videos downloaded from the internet, captured by Camcorder, iPad, iPhone or any device. The supported video format is also in the huge list. Practically, you can burn any video format with this DVD burner.

  • Cisdem Award 10

    Effortlessly and quickly recover lost data both internal and external storage devices

    Taking all things into consideration, Cisdem Data Recovery is an efficient and user-friendly application for the Mac that can help you deal with the awful situations when you have lost precious files, regardless of what storage device they were on. Even more impressive is the fact that Cisdem DataRecovery reduces the whole recovery process to a few mouse clicks.

  • Cisdem Award 11

    The program is stable, converts in batches, and runs fast

    What is great about this tool is that you can convert specific pages from large PDF documents. With the partial conversion mode provided, you can easily set the page range for conversion, so that you can extract the content of selected pages only.

  • Cisdem Award 12

    Facilissimo creare DVD personalizzati con i vostri filmati

    L’applicazione è di una semplicità sconcertante. Se avete giù usato iMovie (o lo stesso iDVD) o programmi simili, vi troverete immediatamente a vostro agio. Il software si apprende facilmente e tutto è molto semplice. Non è un’applicazione destinata a chi è alla ricerca di strumenti avanzatissimi, ma le funzioni base ci sono tutte, il programma funziona bene, è stabile e per il periodo che abbiamo avuto modo di provarlo non ha creato problemi.

  • Cisdem Award 13

    A complete PDF management system for Mac

    PDF Manager Ultimate is a bit like the Swiss Army Knife of PDF editors. It gives you a surprising number of tools, and even if you don’t need them all, you’ll be glad you have them just in case. It’s basic interface is straightforward, easy to understand, and completely lacking in frills. But underneath its no-nonsense exterior sits a suite of tools that can help you be more productive and manage your library of PDF files more efficiently.

  • Cisdem Award 14

    Cisdem offers document management, conversion and recovery solutions for one who use Apple products

    The premise behind Cisdem apps are straightforward: they help you clean up your Mac and makes it more amenable to working with PDFs. Cisdem offers the following functionalities, starting with more comprehensive programs and breaking it down to the ones with more singular, basic features.

  • Cisdem Award 15

    Power yet easy to use PDF manager for the Mac

    Taking all things into consideration, Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate proved itself to be an all-round and dependable PDF utility that offers all the necessary features you need for organizing, editing and converting your PDFs, while keeping things as simple as possible.

  • Cisdem Award 16

    An excellent choice if you’re into data recovery

    Now to sum up all, Cisdem Data recovery is an excellent choice if you’re into data recovery. It works smoothly and offers lot of options to make the file recovering an easy task. It supports over 200 file formats, works on all major MAC OS and can be operated on almost any file system. We highly recommend you Cisdem Data Recovery software.

  • Cisdem Award 17

    l’app per proteggere applicazioni Mac con password

    AppCrypt funziona come processo in background e non modifica assolutamente i file di sistema o dell’applicazione che si desidera proteggere. Funziona egregiamente e non necessità di alcuna conoscenza tecnica per essere configurato correttamente.

  • Cisdem Award 18

    In conclusion, this application offers a convenient and easy method to convert PDFs into editable Word documents

    In conclusion, this application offers a convenient and easy method to convert PDFs into editable Word documents. The conversion process is fast and stable. One can also select a specific page range for each imported file. This way, if you're interested in extracting the content of specific pages only, the program allows you to do that without forcing you to convert the entire document.

  • Cisdem Award 19

    DocumentReader from Cisdem is a nice, clean option for a document reader

    I was pleasantly surprised at the clean, distraction-free viewing window of Document Reader. The features are simple and the app is very easy to use. I love that you can open multiple documents at one time and that they open within a separate tab. This keeps the layout nice and clean.

  • Cisdem Award 20

    All in one PDF solution for Mac users to Read, edit, convert, annotate, protect, merge, split, compress, and sign PDF files on Mac

    Cisdem PDF Manager Ultimate for Mac is an all in one PDF solution that allows users to effortlessly read, organize, edit, convert, annotate,protect, merge, split, compress, sign and extract images or text from PDF files.

  • Cisdem Award 21

    Ini dia salah satu kelebihan Cisdem BetterUnarchiver. Kamu dapat membuat dokumen arsip dengan mudah dan cepat

    Ini dia salah satu kelebihan Cisdem Better Unarchiver. Kamu dapat membuat dokumen arsip dengan mudah dan cepat, serta mendukung keamanan password. Langkahnya juga tidak sulit, di tampilan utama silahkan tekan ikon iPack dan pilih folder atau file yang ingin kamu arsipkan dengan menakan tombol Add. Akhiri pengaturan ini dengan menekan tombol Compress untuk memberi nama dokumen, lokasi penyimpanan dan tentunya password di bagian bawah.

  • Cisdem Award 23

    PDF Utility Offers Advanced Features

    Mac users who frequently deal with Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) are likely to become frustrated if they can only read or preview the documents. The Mac software developer Cisdem has created a utility that lets users do much more than read a PDF document.

  • Cisdem Award 24

    Powerful and comprehensive PDF utility for the Mac

    All in all, Cisdem PDFToolkit is as user-friendly as it is fast and efficient, a fact that recommends it for users who work with PDFs on a daily basis and need features like OCR, image and text extracting, and compressing, as well as fast PDF merging and splitting.

  • Cisdem Award 25

    Recovering dati da dischi e memorie USB

    Un’utility meno nota rispetto ad altre per il recovering dei dati da dischi, supporti e memorie varie. Funziona anche con supporti inizializzati, partizioni cancellate, per errore,ecc.

  • Cisdem Award 26

    Recover data from any device

    Cisdem provides you the best recovery software where you can recover the inaccessible, deleted, or formatted files from Mac supported storage devices such as USB drives, SD card, memory cards, optical media, digital cameras, internal or external hard drives, and iPods. This software is very much effective and easy to use. You can download this software on your PC and recover all the lost videos, music, and files within five minutes back in your PC.

  • Cisdem Award 27

    Offers a variety of advantages over other data recovery applications

    Cisdem Data Recovery 3 offers a variety of advantages over other data recovery applications. Ranging from support to a variety of internal or external storage media and of course a variety of file system (FAT, NTFS, HFS and so forth).

  • Cisdem Award 28

    Cisdem Data Recovery software for mac is doing wonderful job in recovering any type of files

    Many prefer Cisdem Data Recovery software mainly for its super fast speed and amazingly accurate file recovery ability. When i tried to use Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac for the first time, i really liked about its speed and file discovery.

  • Cisdem Award 29

    Fully functional software to restore deleted, formatted or lost data

    Cisdem Data Recovery 3 for Mac is fully functional software to restore deleted, formatted or lost data. It can recover files from various types of storage mediums like hard disk, external hard disk, memory card, USB flash drive and much more. More than 280 types of files are supported on different types of file systems like HFS+, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, etc.

  • Cisdem Award 30

    Overall, this is a good data recovery software for Mac

    Cisdem Data Recovery is a useful data recovery software for Mac. Using this software you can recover and restore deleted data. Cisdem DataRecovery can recover data from different type storage mediums; computer hard disk, external hard disk, memory card, MP3 player, USB Flash drive, almost everything is supported. So no matter where you stored your important data, you can recover using the software. Cisdem DataRecovery can identify more than 200 file types so that you can filter recovered files and find the exact file which you are looking for.

  • Cisdem Award 31

    Identify document files, photos, videos, music files separately

    Cisdem Data Recovery is a data recovery software developed for Mac users. This tool lets you restore lost files, photos, videos from computer hard disk, external hard disk, memory card, USB flash drive, MP3 player, mobile phone etc. No matter where you kept important files, this software will recover it if files are deleted or lost accidentally. More than 200 different types of files are supported. Various file systems like HFS+, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, ext2, ext3, ext4 and NTFS is fully supported by CisdemDataRecovery. It can identify document files, photos, videos, music files separately.

  • Cisdem Award 32

    Works as a handy, practical, and reliable duplicate file identifier

    In short, this application works as a handy, practical, and reliable duplicate file identifier. The fact that it searches for similar file content, regardless of the file names, make it more valuable.

  • Cisdem Award 33

    Encontre e apague todos os arquivos duplicados do seu Mac com programa

    O Cisdem Duplicate Finder é um programa leve e seu funcionamento é básico, mas eficiente. Além da sua função essencial, o app traz informações detalhadas sobre o espaço livre do disco rígido, e a qual categoria pertence cada grupo de arquivos encontrados.

  • Cisdem Award 34

    User-friendly and efficient iOS device cleaner for the Mac

    All in all, Cisdem iPhone Cleaner for Mac proved itself to be an easy-to-use and efficient OS X application that is quite handy to have around when you need to quickly get slow running iOS devices back on their feet.

  • Cisdem Award 35

    il lettore tuttofare per Mac anche per file PDF e Microsoft Visio

    Document Reader è un applicativo leggero e minimale, sia nell’aspetto grafico, sia nelle funzioni. Questo lo rende particolarmente facile e immediato da utilizzare, oltre a non gravare assolutamente sulle risorse del Mac. Aprendo un file con DocumentReader si avrà immediatamente un’ampia visuale sul documento, mentre barra degli strumenti e altre utility occupano uno spazio ridotto della finestra.